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[On behalf of Father Peter Farrington]

The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies is pleased to make several announcements.

i. A Council of Reference has been formed to advise and oversee the development of the School. LSOCS is grateful to H.E. Metropolitan Seraphim of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate, H.G. Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian of the Armenian Orthodox Church, and H.G. Metropolitan Dr. Mathews Thimothios of the Indian Orthodox Church who have agreed to become members of the Council of Reference.

ii. Howard Middleton-Jones will be joining the LSOCS as a contributing tutor. He has been course developer and tutor for the Coptic Studies programme at the University of Swansea Department of Adult Continuing Education since 1996.

He has also been a regular visitor to Egypt for the past 20 years and presented research papers to the IACS and St. Mark Foundation for Coptic History studies symposiums. Howard is a regular contributor to the series volumes Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt (AUC).

iii. To allow us to reach our latest target of 100 registered students, and thanks to the support of several donors, the LSOCS is able to make a SPECIAL OFFER until the 31st October. All students completing their registration for a course before that date will be able to take advantage of much reduced prices for every course.

Until the 31st October all registering students will be offered a reduced fee of only £62 GBP, approximately $100 USD and $100 CAD. This fee applies to international as well as UK students.

It is also possible to register for a course as a gift for another person, and the same special offer will apply during this period.

Do consider registering while this sponsored rate applies, and help us break through our latest target of 100 students.


  • [On behalf of Father Peter Farrington]


    Here are 3 ways you can help the London School of Orthodox Christian Studies provide online, distance learning courses based on our Oriental Orthodox Tradition to more and more students around the world.

    #1. Visit the website and consider taking a course yourself while we are able to offer a subsidised rate until October 31st. Courses are just £62GBP/$100USD/CAD. You can register now and be starting your studies immediately -

    #2. If you can think of anyone who would benefit from one of our online, 'study at your own pace' courses then suggest that they register now and make the most of our discount, or consider registering for them and making them a gift of the course. Our students range in age from 18 to 75 years. There is a course for everyone.

    #3. We are providing sponsored courses for Orthodox Christians in the Middle East and we need your help to provide this sponsorship. Please consider visiting our site and making a donation, however small. Every little counts -

    We are on target to reach 100 students, but we need you to help us. Please choose one of these 3 options and help us help Christians to deepen their knowledge of our Orthodox Christian Faith today.
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