Sponsor an Egyptian student



  • [On behalf of Father Peter Farrington]

    In your mercy let me ask you to remember the ministry of the London School of Orthodox Christian Studies.

    We ask you to consider making a small donation to allow us to sponsor a growing number of Coptic Orthodox christians who are waiting to begin their studies but are unable to afford even the low cost of courses. We are trying to raise funds now to sponsor these students and depend entirely on your kindness and generosity. It is proving especially difficult for some of our prospective students to make any international money transfers at all, and so your sponsorship is even more important.

    Please visit the website of the London School of Orthodox Christian Studies and make a small donation now. It will immediately be used to sponsor a Coptic Orthodox student in Egypt.

    If you would like to consider taking a course yourself then courses are available for prospective students to join immediately. Please visit the website www.lsocs.co.uk and register today.

    God bless you

    Father Peter Farrington
    Director of Studies

    Father Peter is a priest of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate

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