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  • Our stomach?
  • the physical bits go in the guts and the spiritual bits go in the spirit.
    of course, you can't quite distinguish what is physical from what is spiritual as they are not separate.
    so it's a bit of a mystery!
  • well many things are still out of human reach , there is long way to cover to know about all these things , but i think that there is some power or we can say that almighty is handling all these things.
  • Do you really need to know where it goes. Just BELIEVE.
  • I do believe Peter. I know it was a dumb question. I was just curious. I’m very sorry for this waist of space on the forum. 

    Pray for me.

  • It's alright Mark I think you are forgiven. There are many young people on this forum and it is just being young where a lot of mistakes happen. Just important to learn from them. I think pride is the hardest one to conquer as pride says I know and when were young you experiance of life is to know. But because we know something we shouldn't treat it with pride and exclude others or make them feel wrong because they don't agree. Hard to overcome pride when your young. Anyway, we try and think on a spiritual level that is more than the physical. We know the physical.
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