What would you do?

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delete it


  • This is a pointless thread. This isn't some game show forum, if you have an issue then post, if you are just asking "What if's" and "what would you do" or "would you rather..." then post it somewhere else.
  • delete it.
  • [quote author=PaNo5 link=topic=13534.msg157757#msg157757 date=1342472100]
    I didn't post it on random issues as you can see, but on personal issues. I got no mood in fighting, if you have an answer just post it, if you think it's pointless then admin can delete it. Whatever.

    I wasn't trying to fight you. First of all, this isn't a personal "issue" for you because it is a hypothetical situation. Because it is a hypothetical situation, this thread is pointless because you are just putting weird images in peoples' heads like your mom committing adultery while you are listening in on the phone. It's disgusting. You can be assured that an admin will have something to say about this.
  • Delete it.
  • [quote author=PaNo5 link=topic=13534.msg157759#msg157759 date=1342472611]
    I don't see any "IF" in my post. Is it too mainstream for you to believe it? So imagine LIVING IT damn it. w/e I ain't need any answer. Admin may delete this topic, guess it's too outrageous for people to believe it and gimme advice in how I CAN MANAGE THIS THING WITHOUT DESTROYING FAMILY.

    Look, if this really is happening to you then I wouldn't be saying this, but the fact is, it isn't happening to you so there is no point in making people go through these kinds of detailed images in their minds to post a reply to something that isn't real.
  • Waste of time, Admin please delete it.
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