turning the other cheek

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Today some kid who is very immature started slapping me saying "I’m doing this because its fun " all I did was sit their and tell him to stop because I remembered when Jesus said to turn the other cheek. Was what I did right or was I supposed to hit back to defend my self?


  • really no one out of the 2o people who saw this lol
  • What you did was, for sure, the right thing. You would have gotten yourself in more troubles if you had slapped him back.
    Bravo for obeying this verse.
  • Honestly, I would have disciplined the child. Not so much to take revenge but for his own good to help him understand that his actions have consequences and he can’t do things just because it is fun for him. Now, if the kid is your age or you are not in a position to discipline him then what you did is right.

    He who withholds his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him.
    Proverbs 3:12 

    In Christ
  • I would of reported it to the wisdom of an authourity. The spirit of the action isn't one where you should respond with the same spirit. His parent may of slapped him the previous night and so he needs to learn that what the parent did does not confrom to what society reqiures. So an authourity well be basicailly saying this by getting him to appoligise.

      Pray for him and his family that they may find peace.
  • Yes but as I said he is very immature he will not even listen to what someone would say without cursing them out. And sometimes I just don’t talk to him because I know that if I even said a word he would commit this sin. I don’t want to cause any one to commit a sin.. Telling him to apologize isn’t even a possibility.And most of the time I feel like they dirty my mind with the words and actions they do. But since the school year is almost over I think I could take it for 6 more days. :P
  • Romans 12:21 "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."

    If you keep telling him "Thank you" or keep doing good acts for him like helping him with anything, whenever he hurts you or curses you, you will soon see a change in his character. This guy has got for sure family issues or has been a victim of bullying in the past. Treat him well and you will change him.
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