Eastern Orthodox Equivalent of Tasbeha?

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Hey guys,
I'm just curious as to whether there is an equivalent in the Eastern Orthodox Church to tasbeha? If you can provide me with any information, it would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to research this and I feel like I am going around in circles and getting nowhere. Thanks in advance.


  • their 'tasbeha' is usually only done in the monasteries and is part of their service called orthros which is the morning prayer service of Matins. It's just a longer version of the one done in the churches and it usually has more psalms and extended hymns. If you find titles on CD's etc by the Simonapetra monks you can find them singing all of the psalms of midnight/matins.
  • The liturgical books of the Eastern Orthodox Churches are the Apostolos (lessons from the Acts), Eucologion (missal, with the main services and the parts of deacon, priest and congregation), Horologion (liturgy of the hours or agpeya), the menaion (proppers of movable feasts), ortoechos (hymnary), pentecostarion (paschal menaion), Triodion (lenten menaion) and typicon (rubrics).
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