Depression...I'm confused

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I have been taking a few online tests-I am not sure if they are legitimate or not-however, many of them stated that I am exhibiting symptoms of clinical depression/bipolar disorder. I am not sure how to take this...I go through phases of happiness/phases of dullness/sadness, but I do not think I am "depressed". I am not really sure what's going on. Should I go see a doctor? Should I speak to my FOC? I do not really want my parents to know that I am feeling this way, as I do not want to be a burden on them and I do not want them to worry. I also feel ashamed of feeling this way; I do not want them to know. Is it not a sin to be depressed? Should I not leave all of my worries in Christ? Is this a sign of a weak spiritual life? For the past week or two I have been feeling disconnected from Christ when I try to stand up and pray. I sometimes feel such a connection to God and so close to him, but at other times I feel as if there is a wall separating us.

I have been wondering if I have depression or some sort of disorder for years now, as the feelings come and go through certain times in my life. I do not have any reason to be sad, by the way.


  • Great points Peter A.

    Also note that everyone experiences some sort of emotional low in their lives.

    Try not to sit alone and think about your situation for hours as it will progressively lead to self-pity and lower your self esteem.

    The first step to resolving a problem is recognising it exists. So far, you are doing well :)

    To say that you have clinical depression may be a bit of an exaggeration. Depending on your age, most teenagers suffer from mood swings as some stage - we certainly do not diagnose them all with bipolar disorder besides, everyone is different.

    So please do not worry, panicking is not good even for perfectly well individuals.
  • Hello,

    honestly, stop taking those tests. I have got a friend that used to get these tests and get even more depressed. She was so cheerful with me that I couldn't see any mark of depression with me. Well she wasn't a hypocrite with me or anything like that, but I used to dissipate her problems (Parental issues). But after a little bit she would tell me the "ONLINE TESTS" story, which actually made her to believe she's depressed. It's just a lie people believe into.

    P.S. Stop watching the sad side of things because there's always a bright side, stare at it.
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