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Hi everyone,

Sorry for this message.

As you know we take live streams from CTV and display them in the iPhone. CTV channel's streams hosted at stream cyclone are not working, therefore our feeds are not working, and hence this will affect the app.

Please note: this only affects CTV.

We are working towards a permanent resolution.

I will keep you posted.

Otherwise, all other features are working fine.

My apologies for this inconvenience.



  • Ekhristos Anesti!

    Please note that CTV / Aghapy TV streams are down - it means they will be down on the app.

    Version 1.0.4 will mean we have a failover system, so it should be solved in this release.

    Our apologies for any inconveniences caused.

    Wishing you a joyful Easter.

    From CopticCorner Team.

    Ps. To get up to date information on what is happening, or to contact us directly, please join us on Twitter!!
  • I wish CTV had a Roku channel. I see tons of protestant Roku Channels, but not a Coptic one!
  • Roku is planned for CYC
  • What is a roku channel?
  • Xhristos Anesti, Pikhristos Aftonf to you all!

    Although the Channels are up now, a failover architecture is being deployed in release 1.0.4 out in a few days.

    In terms of our Road Map: - I cannot reveal too much, but you can expect more integration into CTV and other stations in release 1.0.7. (expected in 1 month).


    CopticCorner Lead Development

  • Can you include CYC in the next release please?
  • Hi,

    CYC is coming in release 1.0.4 (out this Tuesday).

    In the meantime, we are working with CYC now to overcome issues on Video Compression. -> there is still some jitter/latency with the CYC Now feeds.

    We are extremely motivated, and I can tell you, you have a good deal if you bought the app. There's more to it than just offering you Video Streams.

    Release 1.0.7 will have some major changes and technologies implemented in terms of Video Streaming. Hence, to cope with the new technologies we intend, the price will double when this release is out.

    Release 1.0.4 will give you failover for CTV, CYCNow Channel, audio background streaming.
    Release 1.0.4 will give you DRS: Database Refresh System - it means that ANY new books/Hymns/Saint Profiles etc added to our main database are synced directly to your app meaning that you are UP TO DATE with the latest information from the Church.

    All new hymnbooks are going to be added. We missed Passion Week, but as you can see we are committed to supporting the app and getting the right material in your hands at the right time.

    You asked us to add CYC and its there. Let us know what else you need.

    CopticCorner app is fully functioning and we are still in Beta Phase.

    We are looking forward to serving you and the Coptic Community as best as we can. I know for myself, I read a lot of books whilst on the metro thanks to the app.

  • As promised, version 1.0.4 is out today with Background Audio Streaming, and CTV.
    CTV is in failover mode and autonomous.

    That means that if CTV is down, we are more likely to find a way (instantly) to get you the Video stream, than before.

    We've also added a few more podcasts to our podcast library -

    if you are a Church, and want us to host your podcasts or distribute them in the App, please email me. It would be wonderful if the Churches could share the fruits of their contemplations and sermons with everyone!

  • will you guys be making an android version? I can help port it over if needed.
  • Hi Holy Bible!

    Thanks for the effort.

    We are expounding the feature set at an enormous pace for the iPhone. For legal issues, I cannot disclose the new features you will see, but each week there's going to be a new release.

    We are debugging the Android release already, but sure , please email me at [email protected] and we would love expand our team.

    However, the iPhone release takes a BIT more effort as getting passed the Apple Review Process is like passing an exam...Android accept anything.

    What we do need is expertise in Photoshop or graphic design. Does anyone have this??


  • Hi

    We have just launched a new feature that we're quite excited about. Its called Global Newsroom.

    With this, you will get the latest feeds from around the world concerning the Coptic Church.

    We've then created a submenu that allows the user to then go select specific news from a range of sites. We've put tasbeha.org there.

    This provides a very easy and quick way to get the latest posts and discussions.

    I hope you find this feature useful, as much as we have.

    We've also integrated this with Facebook, allowing you to share news as they come into the app.

    Please let us have any feedback you see fit. We are very fast to respond.

    You'll see a few more Coptic Stations added (HOPE TV etc).

    We are still working very very closely with CYC to get voice sorted out for iOS 5 handsets.

    Thank you!
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