Islamic History of the Coptic Orthodox Church

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Does anyone here have any links (from good / trustworthy / authentic resources) that reveal what it was like being a Coptic Christian under Islamic rule?

Copts had to be Jizya taxes, what % of tax was this? How much was this?

What penalties were imposed on non muslims in Egypt?

Anything dating around the middle of the 6th century would be ideal.



  • Start with The Coptic Papacy in Islamic Egypt on the last paragraph of page 4. Throughout the book, it doesn't give specific formulas for the jizya but it does inform us that different rulers put different burdens.

    Another source is Two Thousand Years of Coptic Christianity page 64.

    And finally in the Coptic Encyclopedia, Aziz Atiya describes the actual formula for the jizya. But of course, the Muslim rulers didn't stick to the formula.

    I think there are more sources. If you need it, let me know.
  • hi zoxsasi, where have u been?
    if u come to uk, u can borrow our church's copy of iris habib el masry's book (currently in my house!)
  • Hey Mabsoota,

    Do you have the 7 volume Arabic version of Iris Habib el Masry's book? Or is it the 2 volume English version?

    Anybody know where I can get my hands on the Arabic version?
  • we (ya'ani my church) have 'the story of the copts' in one volume. it is quite fat, so maybe it used to be 2 volumes,
    my arabic is not good enough to read books!
  • Remenkimi, here is the entire collection of The Story of the Copts in pdf.  They are in the second table from the top.
  • Thanks everyone for your responses.

    Do you have these in English?
  • الجزية في الإسلام

    Also search for this topic: الوثيقة العمرية

  • if u have any titles i can search for it. thx
  • The Islamist groups in Egypt were always expected to do well. The revolution had good intentions, but as they say : "The road to hell is paved with good intentions".

    Islam, for one more time, will carve its mark in the side of the Coptic Orthodox Church; but this time - there's a difference:

    History will be recorded. Events are being recorded, the Truth will be here for everyone to see.

    The Church will brace itself (AGAIN!) for another round of martyrs who will die again no doubt in some attack.

    The Daily Telegraph , yesterday, reported the murder of another 11 Copts in a Church attach with muslims screaming: "There is no other god but allah".

    You'd think that after doing well in the elections, after solidifying the islamic emblems into the very heart of Egyptian politics and civil life, that they would be at least empathetic towards Copts - I did not expect more attacks... but less.

    What would have happened if the secularists had won? Imagine the backlash??

    Let the world see what Islam is about once and for all. This is no religion of peace.
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