I have a Great website defending Christianity plz check it out

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Hi I have recently finished my website defending Christianity can you guys plz check it out and let me know what you  think, and if you can sign the guestbook. Thank you



  • Thank you for defending the faith.  I love the website, it has a lot of information on the other religions!
  • I had a quick browse and here's what I thought of these two pages:


    At the end of every analogy you end with 'this does not solve your problem of having sinned against (the christian)  God and the reality of Hell.' This just doesn't make sense, of course these other beliefs don't solve 'your problem', because it isn't a reality to them. Thats like a Buddhist saying 'Christianity is false because it doesn't solve the reality of reaching nirvana'. Saying something is real doesn't demonstrate that it is.

    The 'Proving Evolution' page is wrought with errors. There is a lack of fundamental understanding and ignorance towards the scientific method, natural selection, transitional fossils and how difficult it is for a fossil to actually form (hence why so many are, as you claim 'missing'. They are not missing, we either haven't found them yet or they haven't formed). There are unsupported claims and accusations of teachers brainwashing students, and scientists conspiring against the world "in a desperate attempt to prove evolution", you accuse christians who have reconciled their faith with Evolution as liars. You clearly are not an authority on this subject, your claims are based on anecdotal evidence, analogies and a lot of misunderstanding and ignorance of the subject. Its hard to believe that the lord helped you make this website since it is filled with errors.

    Sorry I know I'm being harsh, but you did ask for an opinion, and here it is, honestly.

    BTW www.talkorigins.org is a website that is actually cited by universities, but since you don't actually think scientists know what they are talking about, this is more for anyone who does not believe that scientists are conspiring against humanity and want to find out more accurately about evolution/abiogenisis and some of the debates between creationist claims and the theory of Evolution.
  • As senior apologist here on Tasbeha.org, I have to say, I was unimpressed with the website.
  • Gabriel,

    I find it interesting that you've come back from your three-week absence to revive a thread almost a year old.
  • [quote author=George_Mina_Awad link=topic=11494.msg149962#msg149962 date=1325744373]

    I find it interesting that you've come back from your three-week absence to revive a thread almost a year old.

    Agreed Jimmy. Is that what I said about ulterior motives? But Gabriel said my comments are embarrassing so I must be wrong.
  • The website seems very immature. I would not recommend it.
  • Yes Ioannes I would agree, and I think its important to get ones facts straight so that when engaging in these sorts of conversations people can actually take one seriously. These websites can certainly do more harm than good as a gross misrepresentation of some Christians, especially those who value science and education.

  • Well, the Page of the evolution thing is good..
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