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Hey Guys,

I usually listen to classic rock while working out, as something to give me motivation.  But I really would rather listen to spiritual songs or hymns instead.

So do you guys know of any good taraneem or hymns that would be motivating for workout; and if so would you know where I could find them?



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    i have tried many times listening to hymns while working out. just doesnt work. for a while i listening to german rock/metal songs to get me pumped and i couldnt understand what they were saying. it did the job but now i dont listen to anything because i stopped working out because of school
  • The first HOus obviously :-)
  • Oh man I know everyone will hate me for this...

    But there are a lot of techno remixes for contemporary christian music that make awesome workout tracks. If you want to know more just let me know, but lol I have a feeling many users will express certain concerns about listening to protestant music, techno remixes of religious music, etc.
  • Like me.

  • this is great question, and shows u see a possible clash of spiritual music with exercise in the gym. i can explain why u would see that:

    humans in ancient history did not 'work out' (they did have competitions and sport, this is different as it is a social activity that increases social cohesion).
    but 'working out' is a modern fad that seems to be necessary because people in developed coutries remove all the effort and physical 'suffering' from their lives - they always take the car instead of walk or take the bus and interact with their neighbours, they pay someone to chop their wood, clean their car etc. and spend lots of valuable time sitting and doing nothing, so they get fat and then think they have to exercise.
    we should rather live as we have be designed and get off our butts more in our normal day to day life!
    i'm not saying u should never wash clothes in a washing machine (for example) but you should think carefully about how many 'labour saving' devices you are using and consider why it is 'good' to save labour when it means you have to then go and shut yourself inside away from God's beautiful creation and devote time to your body?

    why not go cycling instead, or for a walk in the rain (rain on the face feels a bit like holy water, just wear a waterproof coat and clothes that are warm enough)? or take up a light sport? (not one that needs u to spend yr life in the gym).

    or u could combine exercise with service, such as walking yr old neighbour's dog, helping someone in the church carry lots of boxes as they move house or help someone with housework or painting.

    in today's liturgy (1 peter 4) it says this:
    Therefore, since Christ suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same mind, for he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin, that he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh for the lusts of men, but for the will of God.
    so i think that if yr mind is open to suffering, u will find lots of ways to live a more natural life, walking 3 km to church, digging and planting vegetables to feed the poor etc. etc.

    i know this is not what u asked for, but i think people these days get their priorities wrong!
    what do u think?
  • [quote author=mabsoota link=topic=12544.msg147176#msg147176 date=1320738448]

    or u could combine exercise with service, such as walking yr old neighbour's dog, helping someone in the church carry lots of boxes as they move house or help someone with housework or painting.

    My family is moving for the 14th time next month. If anyone is interested to carry my boxes, I'm willing to pay!

    I think I've had enough exercise the last 13 times carrying my own boxes.

    PM me if you'd like to help  ;)
  • Good points Mabsoota. I think working out, though can be beneficial if you have the right intent behind it. For example, about every other month my church needs to convert the gym to a dining hall and that involves moving huge heavy floor panels. Also, for Holy Week we need to carry and move the heavy church benches, and many mission trips involve lots of physical labor. Working out has helped me better serve in these ways, where I otherwise could not. Also, regular exercise has given me more energy throughout the day so that it is less likely for me to fall asleep in class or during sermons. Playing sports and exercise have also served a good alternative to dwelling on lust and have worked to help get rid of all the physical energy that may otherwise go to impure sins. So I think exercise is valuable (even if it is working out in a gym) but we need to have a good motive behind it to glorify God and not something narcissistic.
  • I do agree with mabsoota that we are in someways becoming a lazy and technology-dependent race; however I'd have to agree with servant33 on the workout part. Even though it's nice to live a simpler life and get our priorties straight I don't see the harm in keeping your body (which is a gift from God) in a good shape by working out.

    I'm sure other people can and do lead  healthy lives without dedicating time for "working out", but I don't think I can maintain a healthy lifestyle by just doing house work or services nowadays especially since I live in an industrial setting; I'd understand if you have a job that demands physical labor like a machine operator or a farmer but if you are a student or you work at a desk forget about it!

    I just think its more realistic and convenient for me to set an hour a day for some exercise instead of trying to stay healthy by doing chores all day long, but again that is just my personal opinion.  I also use exercise kinda like a stress-reliever some days

    Anyway; back to the original question--I wouldn't mind protestant or even christian techno (whatever that is) it's probably better to listen to that over rock any day!
  • I love Tenth Avenue North Songs, and Casting Crowns if you need a list PM me! awesome songs! Really helped me work out and get closer to God!
  • Not a taranema, but this is my favorite for when I'm running, and the words are beautiful.
  • Jimmy that is a definitely a tarneema, as a matter of fact one of my favorites! Just because we arent used to it doesnt mean its not a tarneema lol
  • True, I was just strictly speaking.
  • ::)

  • Just listen to the words.
  • Listen to your gut  ;)
  • What? that is a tarneema? Really? I strongly object!

    "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but examine the spirits whether they are of God, because many false prophets are gone out into the world" (1 John 4:1).

    On examining the CCM music (CCM = contemporary Christian music) many points are raised against this multimillion music industry that proves not of God which means it does not obey the Word of God.

    So, not every music or song labeled Christian means it is of God; and not every lyric that has the words "God", "Lord", even "Jesus Christ" is necessarily Christian.

    Before discussing some of these points; I would like to refer you to the Holy Bible, our reference for examining any spirit, examine all the Holy Bible's references concerning this topic.

    Here are some important facts regarding music in general and CCM in specific:
    In considering the music only (without the lyrics), you all know that the beat is the overemphasized rhythm (Rhythm is one of the three elements of music beside harmony and melody). The Holy Bible teaches us that the main element of music, when singing to the Lord, is melody (Isaiah 23:16, 51:3; Ephesians 5:19) and not the beat (Exodus 32:7-18).

    Any music with a beat that overrides the melody, is not music in  itself; but noise, as explained by many musicians. As an example, if the church cymbals (the rhythm instrument) are used very loud (producing a beat), overriding the hymn sung, the hymn turns into noise and looses its melody which is the essence of any music as  mentioned in the first point.

    It is the beat that compels the body to react in different ways, which could be inappropriate, depending on the music message because it is what the flesh loves.

    Music affects the human body in subtle, but powerful ways either good or bad. A well established fact is that the human body and mind can be controlled and altered with music. The continuous beat is unhealthy to the body. This is proven by musicians, medical researchers, psychologists...etc. most of these researches were done on Rock music (the origin of most other known secular music) and found to be dangerous to humans with many psychological, emotional, physiological and mental effects. The beat could lead to many impulsive reactions from the audience (uncontrolled screaming and fits, sexual excitation, self hurting, even suicide ideation...etc). It is clear that CCM music uses the secular styles of music (pop, hip-hop, R&B, techno, metal...etc) and depends mainly on the beat which attracts its listeners.
    Here are some biblical facts regarding what could be called Christian music:
    Any Christian song or music should be for praising the Lord, His saints and His deeds (Psalm 9:2, 9:11, 28:7, 33:2; Isaiah 12:2; Ephesians 5:19) not the performer or his music.

    Any Christian song or music should be a new song  with new lyrics (Psalm 33:3, 40:1-3, 144:9, 149:1; 2 Cor 5:17). You find that the CCM music uses the same world music styles, its slang, attitude, appearance and form. Still, these music styles are used in the secular world to emphasize worldly passions, sex, drugs, violence, rebellion, and bad language. You find also that the CCM performers combine Christian with world music and they sing contemporary with secular music in the same concert or album. These music styles even after changing their lyrics to become "Christian" will associate you with the worldly (secular) music and, by reflex, brings its non-Christian associations.

    Putting a Christian message in such a musical form does not elevate the form but degrades the message to the level already established in the culture by that form and rather than lifting up people to our Lord Jesus Christ, it drags Christ down to man's level.

    Any Christian song should have a clear message; not vague, unclear or deceitful words (1 Cor 2:4, 14:15; 2 Cor 3:12; Colossians 2:4)

    Any Christian song should elevate, feed, talk to the spirit not to the flesh (John 3:6,7, 4:24; Galatians 5:16,24; 1Cor 14:15; Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16)
    Any Christian music should be sung in the assembly of the Lord where God could be present (Psalm 22:22, 149:1; Hebrews 2:12) not in the concert halls or night clubs.
    Let us clarify certain points: listening to the secular music might be pleasant because it gives the physical satisfaction; and it is a sin that you must repent and fight against. But don't deceive yourself listening to the same music after having been labeled Christian; believing it is of God.

    Our music cannot be like the music of the world, because our God is not like their gods. Most of the world's music reflects the world's ways, standards, attitudes, and gods (2 Cor 6:17).

    CCM "deceives" the listener into "getting into the music" and then — subtly we look like the world, sound like the world, act like the world and fellowship with the world.

    "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God" (Romans 12:2).

    "Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God?" (James 4:4).

    Bishop Youssef

  • H.G. Bishop Youssef strikes again! May the Lord give him many more years to guide us in wisdom and truth.
  • Hehe, point made. I was using it loosely, looking primarily at the words, taken from:

    "Lift up your eyes on high,
          And see who has created these things,
          Who brings out their host by number;
          He calls them all by name,
          By the greatness of His might
          And the strength of His power;
          Not one is missing." -Isaiah 40:26


    "He counts the number of the stars;
            He calls them all by name." -Psalm 140:7
  • H.G. Bishop Youssef strikes again! May the Lord give him many more years to guide us in wisdom and truth.

    Amen O Lord, Grant him many years. He is a great Bishop.
  • I disagree completely. plz explain to me what exactly is wrong with a tarneema that doesnt necessarily fit our boring taraneem? i learned a lot more about God from these songs than our own taraneem. This music affects the heart not the body. i dont dance when i hear these songs but i praise god i dont know how you guys think
  • ChristRose,
    Have you read what H.G. Bishop Youssef said? It is obvious why we don't follow those songs. No one says you dance when you listen to it. I don't dance to rap, but that doesn't make it more acceptable. Here is a problem:

    [quote author=christ_rose link=topic=12544.msg147233#msg147233 date=1320860660]
    I disagree completely. plz explain to me what exactly is wrong with a tarneema that doesnt necessarily fit our boring taraneem?

    Thr problem is you call the hymns and praises that we have boring, although they are spiritual. They are emotionaly boring, but that is not what we seek. We don't seek emotionally uplifting things, but rather spiritually uplifting. The fact that you have been listening to these "tarneemas" (which they are not) has blinded you from seeing the spirituality of the other hymns, so you dismiss them as boring. Stay away from the CCM for a while, and then delve into some ancient hymnology, and then come tell me it is boring.

  • [quote author=returnorthodoxy link=topic=12544.msg147234#msg147234 date=1320861288]
    We don't seek emotionally uplifting things, but rather spiritually uplifting.

    Not to sound ignorant, but how do we know the difference? If something is spiritually uplifting, shouldn't it be emotionally uplifting as well?
  • Does it make you wanna "praise da Lord" or repent?

    No just kidding, I think there's a very thin line between the two. Emotionally uplifting isn't always spiritual, even if the words are about Jesus.

    For example, on Good Friday, people tend to cry a lot for the wrong reasons, ie Jesus suffered on the Cross, He was smitten, tortured..etc. An atheist would cry. So I think that's emotionally uplifting, but spiritually uplifting is telling yourself "I need to thank God, and stop sinning".
  • Hmm...

    I like that. But I think the line may be even finer than that. Crying because "Jesus suffered on the cross" alone isn't enough, but, "My Lord suffered on the cross, and it's because of my sin." Just half a step more. Which I guess would lead to "I need to thank God and stop sinning."

    And it is the melody of the Good Friday hymns that help with this. Omonogenees, Golgotha...Good Friday is perfect.
  • Not really, cause a lot of people don't think to repent after they see suffering. They just cry, think they did a good thing, and move on with life.

    And even when they do think to repent after, it's only short-term and not really sincere cause their emotions are > than their spirituality. Once they're over their emotionally uplifting phase, it's over.

    That's the difference between the two: spiritually uplifting is permanent and emotionally uplifting is temporary.

    So, it's a thin line, but not as thin as you think.
  • ReturnOrthodoxy i disagree with you. I love our hymns very much! and many of our taraneem are beautiful! but many many are just boring and although their words may be beautiful they are not attractive. Many are actually depressing to me. and If the other songs do not say anything wrong than there is no reason for me not to listen to them. if its not teaching me the wrong thing like the arian songs for example then there is no harm in listening to them. each person has their own taste in music, hymn, taraneem and everything. if i dont like the taraneem in our church then many will listen to other things outside. id rather them listen to something like tenth avenue north which really helps me get closer to god than say 50 cent. not everyone has to fit your description of orthodox or anba yousefs. EVery bishop says different things anyway. Pope shenouda himself said in a Wednesday lecture that the church cant live without music. he said that we need music that evokes spiritual emotion not bodily emotion. and if a song makes me want to scream to my lord and savior there is nothign wrong with that. im afraid this is a matter of personal choice that our church likes to make a standard and say that it is wrong but we have the holy spirit in each of us and just because one person thinks its wrong ill let the Holy Spirit decide. If i see myself get closer to god and my spiritual life rise past anything i couldve imagined it being after i listen to these songs then i dont think its satanic or wrong. On the contrary our church although its songs are beautiful in their words many of the tunes or naghamat are depressing due to the infestation of islamic culture on the people. so i dont agree with you because of personal experience. im an extremely musical person. I love the hymns of our church very much and anyone who knows me can testify i dont do anything without alhan on. but these songs have not only aided me but have been uplifting at the worst of times.

    on the topic of repentance. Our church has focused very much so on repentance and that is correct. but we dont want to forget that there is more to our faith than just repentance. keep that in mind that god wants to give us Fruits of the Spirit and blessings in our lives and graces to do miracles and things Greater than what HE did on the earth. We repent daily but if we dont let our repentance get any fruits than we will not be able to overcome the same things we repent for.
  • [quote author=christ_rose link=topic=12544.msg147240#msg147240 date=1320866343]
    id rather them listen to something like tenth avenue north which really helps me get closer to god than say 50 cent.
    False Dichotomy. Why do you have to choose between the two? Don't listen to 10th avenue, but don't listen to 50 Cent. Is that all that exists?

    [quote author=christ_rose link=topic=12544.msg147240#msg147240 date=1320866343]
    each person has their own taste in music, hymn, taraneem and everything.
    So? just because everybody has there own taste, it doesnt make that taste acceptable. Homosexual men have a taste for men, is it O.K. to say that they should engage in matrimony in order to partake of a sacrament? They have a different taste, so should we adapt to their taste? It is simply incorrect, and that wont change.

    [quote author=christ_rose link=topic=12544.msg147240#msg147240 date=1320866343]
    If i see myself get closer to god and my spiritual life rise past anything i couldve imagined it being after i listen to these songs then i dont think its satanic or wrong
    What? So the devil can't make you feel like you are spiritualy uplifted so that you stop actually progressing? How you feel is not always the best gauge of wrong and right.

    [quote author=christ_rose link=topic=12544.msg147240#msg147240 date=1320866343]
    On the contrary our church although its songs are beautiful in their words many of the tunes or naghamat are depressing due to the infestation of islamic culture on the people.
    Source please? I don't know where you got that from. If you can prove that to me, I wont post on this topic anymore.

    [quote author=christ_rose link=topic=12544.msg147240#msg147240 date=1320866343]
    We repent daily but if we dont let our repentance get any fruits than we will not be able to overcome the same things we repent for.

    What more spiritual fruits do you want? Repentance entails humility, love, joy, peace, hope, patience, faith, self control... and many more. The Christian life of virtues is summed up in repentance. Being happy, and emotionally uplifted is not a fruit.  They can at times be the very things which hinder the growth of fruits.

    Besides, the reason what H.G. Bishop Youssef says is correct is not so much because of his position in the church. It is his use of bible verses, and other proofs. He has experienced spirituality just as much as you have, but for a longer time. He has monasticism under his belt, and he knows the problems facing the youth as he is constantly guiding the youth, and he knows all their struggles. He is a dependable source.

  • Okay first of all. It is not a false dichotomy. BE REALISTIC. what youth today is just going to listen to alhan or taraneem. many people i know are great people and they like all this stuff but eminem and 50 cent are there too. no one is just going to listen to alhan like you and I.
    MUSIC IS NOT HOMOSEXUALITY. music has different tastes that are acceptable. frank sinatra and the beatles are not bad music but i personally arent as fond of them as i am alhan. someone else may be the opposite. it has nothing to do with sin. until the music becomes the source of influence on someones life as it used to be on mine.

    WE do NOT live our life worrying about how the devil works. WE WORRY AND WAIT TO UDNERSTAND HOW GOD WORKS! the devil leaves us only by gods command and tempts us only by being allowed by God himself! these songs dont make me FEEL spiritual. They make me realize new concepts in our faith. they make me understand things i didnt. picture god in a new light.

    Islamic influence in Egypt has influenced manyyy things. These taraneem were created by people who lived ina scoiety with islamic culture. much of our own culture as egyptians has been influenced by islam as a faith. Music being a huge part of that. the mellow and low sad tone in many of our taraneem is straight from the depressing way of life that islam puts upon people. no one is going to write an article saying that. but its a cultrual thing thats known.

    Repentance brings those fruits if you LET IT! repentance doesnt just stop there. God doesnt see us as sinners and going to hell. God sees us as a loving father waiting to pick us up. God ALREADY forgave us and we always beg him to forgive. But we ALREADY know that he forgave us on that cross for every sin we have committed and will committ. and So repentance begins by crying over our sins but ends with joy and happiness and screaming to god and getting something new from him taking a huge step further. Our church liturgically puts much emphasis on the forgiveness of sins which is right but when it gets to the liturgy where he gives the rest of the fruits and graces we dont understand it and its usually enver explained to the congregation they sit and sleep because they dont know whats going on. and us here on tasbeha arent going to see that because most of us are go getters. If we dont understand something well go find out. But 75 percent of our congregation isnt like that.

    Anba Yousef is a great bishop and God keep him for many years. and Yes he does bring biblical reference. But he isnt listening to the songs and seeing how they may benefit. He knows the youth yes. Most youth take those songs as just something to listen to. and if taken that way it will evoke a spiriutal life that is just based on emotion but when one takes the songs as a way to PRAISE THE LORD for the good and the bad it only builds a stronger RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD that goes further than just the forigveness of our sins. God isnt there to just forgive our sins. HEs there FOR MUCH MORE
  • Ugh I really need to study, but lemme just post this email response from HGBY when asked about Orthodox listening to Protestant songs:

    "Peace and grace

    We need to check on two things: the lyrics and the type of music.  If the lyrics and the music match the spirit of the Orthodox Church, there is nothing wrong in using these songs.

    God bless you
    Bishop Youssef"

    Since when do any of the lyrics/type of music match the Orthodox spirit? Eh, maybe the lyrics, but almost never the type of music.

    Ok, no more tasbeha until I finish my exams.  ::)
  • Beautiful Response from His Grace. The music from palce to place differs. Orthodox music doesnt mean Coptic hymns or taraneem. It means music of the spirit. Something to allow ones heart to be lifted to God.
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