A Message from His Grace, Bishop David

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Dear Members,

Please click the following link to sign the petition for Sara's law http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/saras-law/

If this law is approved, then it will put an end to "swim at your own risk" pools as we know it. The real purpose of this is to prevent any more deaths from drowning in a "swim at your own risk" pool. In this case, Sara Salib, a 9-year-old girl, was vacationing with her family down at the Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights, NJ. She went to go swimming at the motel's pool, which was a "swim at your own risk" pool, and she drowned. If there was a lifeguard on duty, one more innocent life could've been saved from this type of tragedy. I am not just speaking for Sara, but I am speaking to ALL of the families that have lost a child due to drowning whether it be at a "swim at your own risk" pool, or just a regular public pool. People don't realize how fast someone can leave the world... until it happens. If we all work together, we can get the President to propose a legislation banning "swim at your own risk" pools. This law will be more for hotels, motels, and other public establishments with these pools, but it is not limited to just these. ANY KIND OF PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENT WITH A POOL WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE LIFE GUARD ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES THAT THE POOL IS OPEN. It's small steps like these that can save many children's lives. Please show your support to put an end to "swim at your own risk" pools in the U.S. Your signature can help save a child's life. Please fill in the field to the right! Do not just Facebook like it because it does not count as a signature. SPREAD THE WORD!


  • This is a sad story to hear. But were her parents not watching? If it was "swim at your own risk," it should have been the parent / guardian's responsibility to lifeguard, and this should have been understood. I don't think it is practical or feasible to ban all such pools in the US, but parents need to make sure the children are being watched. Furthermore, I don't think it is the president's job to deal with issues like this, but is better addressed to some regulatory agency.
  • Servant33,

    I was thinking that too, but then I thought, 'how could I come up with an idea Bishop David didn't consider'.

    He must of put a lot of thought into this before sending out the message. I'm sure of it.

    Plus, if HGBD says something, it goes.  ;)
  • I know about this story and her parents were around, but her sister had almost drowned right before and her parents were helping her. Please sign the petition and spread it around/share it on your facebooks, etc.
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