difference in katamares??

The daily readings on the suscopts.org http://suscopts.org/readings/
are different from the readings on copticchurch.net (shown on tasbeha.org's homepage) http://www.copticchurch.net/classes/getLectionary.php

which one is correct?




  • i strongly believe that what we have here is right......but sometimes they are also wrong. i hope someone can check the readings of Baba 7th in the book.
  • did 2 many people go to suscopts site just now? we seem to have crashed it!
  • [quote author=mabsoota link=topic=12478.msg146235#msg146235 date=1318971945]
    did 2 many people go to suscopts site just now? we seem to have crashed it!

    there's only been 10 views of this post, so I don't think so
  • Hi Bishoy,

    I have been using the copticchurch.net website, for years, in setting up our Mass PowerPoint on Sundays. It is very well set-up and I continue to use it, but occasionally some readings are incorrect. I try to report these when I see them. An example is this Sunday (12th Babah - Second Sunday). It says that the Pauline is from 2Cor 4:1-end ; 2Cor 5:1-15. This is incorrect.

    In the Arabic Katamaros book and the E-Katamaros computer program (St Marks COC, Troy, Michigan), it says: 2Cor 4:5-15. This is the correct one, I believe.

    I have not used the suscopts.org readings webpage so I can't comment on it. I appreciate all the hard work that people have put into both these websites; God bless them. Unfortunately, errors do happen; I just hope that people will report them, as I do, to further improve these websites.
  • Selam,

    I was just wondering about this myself today! Idecided to read the EOTC synaxir after I read the COC synaxir because sometimes the EOTC page has more information; but the EOTC has yesterdays commemorations as todays COC commemorations. I wished to find out which is correct.
    Who do we report these errors to?

    God bless
  • Elsi,

    I report the error by clicking on the "Contact Us" part of the website.
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