Memorizing The Psalms

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Hey Everyone :)

I reeaalllyyyy want to memorize all the psalms, I just can't find a way to memorize , some are super long :/ Does someone know a good way to memorize them ???

God Bless


  • One way to memorize the psalms that works well is to pray the hours of the agpeya out loud. You can say them either with a tune or just read them out loud everyday. As the days go by, you'll find yourself memorizing many of them. A few of the longer ones will require you to sit and memorize them, but that technique will go a long way to getting you started. I'm so glad to hear you are interested in memorizing the psalms. I know many people who have taken great comfort from psalms in times of need. Let us know how it goes and what you find works best for you.

  • Sing them... its easier for me to sing the Psalms in Arabic...

    They are all over Youtube Psalm




  • did anyone here already memorize all 150 psalms and want to give me a heads up of how its going to be like for me to be able to do it ??? ;D
  • Back in the days,people used to memorize all 150 psalms for various reasons : 1) It was a requirement before they joined a monastery 2) many people could not read and write.  It may have been easier for them to memorize things as they did not face the distractions we have today.

    To give you an example, I know most of the agpeya psalms by heart (until the 12th hour). I planned to study them by heart when i saw our priest reciting the whole agpeya from memory.The midnite psalms are quite long, i did not even try.I am fine with what i know from  memory for now. Maybe, you'd like to try that.

    Good luck
  • Thank you, and yes the midnight psalms are pretty long. Psalm 119 has me stuck the most : 176 verses. WOW !!! gonna take me forever to memorize that. But i memorized about 10 psalms so far  ;D So God give me help.

    Thanks for you help everyone

  • you are way ahead of me!
    i memorised psalm 100 but could only remember it for 2 days, it's all gone now.
    i tried 2 verses of psalm 8 today, but can only remember 1!
    keep up the good work.
  • Many monks have told me the same thing: One line, of one psalm, per day, is all it takes. Add one line every day and after a few years you will have all the psalms memorized. And of course this goes without saying, but - REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION.

    May God reward you.

    [quote=Matthew 5:6]"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled."
  • try to memorize your favorite psalms first!
  • already did... in english and arabic :D
  • [quote author=✞Je Nai Nan✞ link=topic=11910.msg141894#msg141894 date=1311603871]
    did anyone here already memorize all 150 psalms and want to give me a heads up of how its going to be like for me to be able to do it ??? ;D

    I did it was easy, and such a great psalm, the great thing is being able to say it wherever, whenever

    The more you say it, the more you familirise yourself and it becomesss such a great blessing !! May God be with you
    Also ask the Lord for His assistance.

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