Abune Anthony Sermon that rocked my mind- deeply ( please watch whole series)

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Greetings in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. One God Amen!

This Father Anthony Sermon changed my life, it changed the way I look at how I do things spiritually and helps if you have difficulty with pride:

Part 1 Deceiving Truths ( the one I'm talking about) THE OTHERS ARE AMAZING TOO!


PART 2 Deceiving Truths:

Part 3 Deceiving Truths:

To be honest, I still haven't totally grasped the first sermon totally. Maybe you could write down what you got from it so perhaps I can understand more. ( feel free to write about any of them)

God Bless!


  • Thank you so  much for that. I really needed that. I watched the first sermon and its amazing.

    From it, I learned that it's not what I do that pleases God. I'll always be a failure. But no matter how much of a failure I am, I know He'll love me. And because of this, I will give thanks to Him, I will serve Him, and I will love Him all my life.

    Thank you soo much for that sermon!!! God bless you!
    I feel like this issue is just so un talked about with in our Orthodox church. Knowing and understanding grace ( although in comprehensible) is trule the CURE for Pride, knowing YOU didn't do anything to deserve your status. We will Never be able to work to "make our selves worthy" but God can only do so with His undying and everlasting Mercy and Compassion which is Grace.

    PLEASE WATCH THIS- ITS so simple but yet SO PROFOUND:

    Part 1 Deceiving Truths:

  • part 4 of the series was given today.

    "you cant control the future"

  • BOY I can hardly contain myself until part 5 comes out! Is it Sunday yet? Please let it be Sunday already!
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