estathee te for bishops/popes

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hi all,

I'm sure this hymn is recorded and archived somewhere on, but can someone, please, give me the links for the estathee te that is said during the visit of a bishop/pope? I can't find them in the papal folder or the annual folder.

here is the link to the hymns' lyrics:




  • It was lost.......i have a video of m.Tawfik confirming that its way is lost. i know some say it generally thoo like the normal stathete.
  • sorry to hear that. Thanks for the response
  • are there any recordings of how people say it now? does the cathedral even say it?
  • this hymn is recoreded from cantors now officially on the small tune..
    backing to early cantors none of them recorded is not even found in Newland is clear that it is like the small and it (ttrakeb 3leha)
    the long ways of hymns said by a deacon inside the altar were all recorded...including great (pi nishty) which was recorded only by cantor Wissa and cantor WADIE ELKOMMOS.and if it was different cantors would pay attention for that

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