never felt more worthless and been more depressed ever

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then right now it keep getting worse. i just am crying tears that burn i feel that no one is here for me and that i will just fade of this earth  no matter what we do as a good deed people will not notice i just feel worthless and just am out of breath and week


  • Remember that you are not alone in this earth and God has created you.  Without preaching much.

    - Know that God cares about you even if the whole world forsake you
    - Keep your spirit up by knowing that someone loves you so much till death
    - He remembers even the small things you do for His sake
    - Read the Bible for a while and have faith that God will give you comfort
    - If you can't pray standing for now. Pray closing your eyes and ask God for help knowing He will help you.
    - Talk to some priest or servant who can listen to you and give you advice.
    - Never give up and pray to God with all the details that bothers you and know that He will never leave you

    the main key is to connect through deep (not long) prayers to God and to Repent and you should feel better. God be with you. I wil lpray fo ryou.
  • I also suffer from these feelings as well so a few suggestions to add that i have:
    *Socialize and meet new people as often as you can
    *Find a few people close to you that you can trust and confide in them
    *Make sure to always be productive, of course save time to rest but never let yourself just become lazy 
    *lastly read spiritual books, there's Pope Shenouda's Life of Hope also i found that The Garden of Saint Antony: The Monastery of Abba Antony at The Red Sea so beautiful and i personally felt joy just by reading this book.
    -God Bless and may His love console you
  • will pray as well. read psalm 90(91).
  • You're going to be sad for a while; I can tell you that. What you need to do, however, is realize your problem objectively; is it really worth all these emotions? It also helps to see that MANY people around us are suffering equally, if not worse. Realize that everyone suffers, and is sad, and just keep praying. Hold on to the image that God will show you true happiness one day, and when that day comes, you can show everyone else who is suffering the path to happiness. For now, keep praying, as much as you can, spill your heart out before God.
  • no matter what we do as a good deed people will not notice

    There is a saying (translated):
    Do good and throw it in the sea.

    It literally means that you do good not to expect it to be immediately noticed or appreciated by people, but rather in the name of God and for His sake. Only He takes notice of every detail whatever small it is. Also whatever you do good you should stop thinking of it as a countable thing to add up to good deeds versus subtract from bad ones - leave this judgement entirely to God. Do not expect immediate rewards, but look farther at your eternity with the Lord. Remember, no one can ever do so many good deeds to the extent of being saved by them. Trust that God will one day guide other good people to appreciate you in due time, soon enough.

    The devil will always fight you to drag you away from God and from the church to give you a feeling of uselessness trying to drive you to despair, you know our fight is not with flesh but with the spirits of darkness.

    For wisdom and understanding, please memorize these verses in Luke 17:

    Luke 17
    9 Does he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him? I think not.
    10 So likewise you, when you have done all those things which you are commanded, say, ‘We are unprofitable servants. We have done what was our duty to do.

  • Your best day is never too good that you are beyond the need of God's grace, and your worst day is NEVER too bad that you are beyond the reach of God's grace.
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