I Have a problem to know Coptic very well



  • Ekhrestos anesty
    Dear timothym and dzheremi,
    What dzheremi said is very relevant and concurs with my understanding as well. Unfortunately the Greco-Bohairic dialect is still in evolution, very interesting, and not only that it's pronounced differently in different churches in the same region but also the fact that two people from Shoubra, Cairo would still argue on the correct pronunciation of a given letter. No there isn't any monastery or church who is still talking in the dialect of authentic Bohairic, but when FR. Shenouda did his research, he found recordings, not sure if he did record them as well, of regions especially in the south of Egypt... not entirely sure though... please keep me in your prayers for Tuesday...
  • i have the same problem as u. i think that every occasion go and relearn the hymns for that occasio. not only will it help with your coptic, but also helps u remember the hymns! :)
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