does god give us free will to marry who we want to marry?



  • I live in Russia. Originally Russia was the Orthodox country. But after the Revolution of 1917 and persecution of Church and Christians and Perestroyka at the beginning of 1990s the church renovated. It became absolutely a new kind of organization, loyal to the government. Like Communist party during the Soviet regime. So majority of our ppl are Christians by the name. They just go church to put a candle. You know, we live like in the time of Pharisees. Everything is only visual but there is now internal fight against Satan. Anyway if I love someone I have to marry her only in the Coptic Church and may be it will take too much efforts to explain this to my choice.
  • the armenian orthodox church has full communion with the coptic church.
    there are lots of armenian orthodox Christians in russia.
  • You know, Mabsoota, I'm planning to go to the Armenian Church very soon :)
    But about Armenian Church that exists in Russia I have some doubts. You know, even in Wikipedia it is written that they had connections with Soviet government. But, anyway I will go to check!
  • In the Soviet times as in the periods of Islamic oppression it is impossible for a church to be entirely independent of the states influence for good or ill.

    I think we need to be a little more understanding of the pressures facing church leaders in such circumstances.

    In any case the laity and most priests are just ordinary people trying to get on with the christian life.
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