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I know I am not the perfect person, I know that I am a sinner, but I just don't understand why I am that way. I always feel lonely, I always feel depresed. When I talk with anyone, I seem to always flip out about the stupidest thing, I can't control my anger. But sometimes I just feel that I am the victim in everything and it was my right to get angry at those people. I blame everything that goes wrong on my life on other people. I never accept the responsibility of my selfish is that :'(
I feel that God is not listening to my prayers...and He has all the right not too..b/c I am nothing but a sinner.
I just feel worthless...
I feel that no one cares about what I one cares about me
I am just so overwhelmed with people thoughts about me that I sometimes forget that the important what God thinks about me.
I know I am being selfish in every way (even for writing this post)...but I just want to say that I am sorry for anything that I have done to anybody.
I am just so sorry...
I guess my how do I just forget what people think? How do I concentrate on my spirtual life? How do I get Jesus back in my life again?
Pray for me..I really need it


  • Hey there Marianne 87

    Don't go there - that place where the devil wants you to feel worthless, guilty and unlovable. It will only isolate you and make you go round and round in the vortex of sadness.

    Jesus is already in your life Marianne 87 - he has never left you because you are his precious child. God's greatest gift to you is his UNCONDITIONAL love. He loves you just as you are. You may see yourself as the black sheep, but he sees you as his daughter. His hands are outstretched towards you, waiting for you to let go of past mistakes, past habits, past hurts so that you can grasp his strong hands. It is not easy (heavens! not at all), but you have to start with a small step. And you have. You have identified your weakness and are willing to work on it. Most people can't even acknowledge their mistakes!

    I've been where you are right now and there is this book, 'God Calling" (available in your church bookstore for $8.00 or from Amazon) which helped me a lot. It made me realize how great God's love for us is and gave me hope. I highly recommend it.

    One last thing - Marianne 87, be patient with yourself - Rome wasn't built in a day. Pray, pray, pray. Pray through the good days and pray through the bad days and with time you WILL see the change in your life. That is God's promise to you.

    I pray this helps you.

    God bless,
  • it did help me..thanks
    and keep me in your prayers
    God Bless,
  • Marianne,

    I have these pics saved on my computer to remind me that God is waiting to help when I feel overwhelmed :)

  • oops, here is the other one...
  • Thanks those pictures are great :)
    But I have a question thou..wut does the first one represents?
    By the way thanks for ur words..they were great
    Thank you,
  • i feel the same way too :'(
  • Hey LostEgPrincess,
    God be with u, and with all of us. I just don't know why is this happening to us? We should feel happy because we are the children of God. I myself think this is happening to me because of sins. I never really talked about what I am going through except to only one person, and now I feel that that person doesn't care anymore or it's not really of a big matter to that person. I know I am selfish and that I shouldn't bother other people with my problems...but it's just so hard to go through everything alone...i guess that's why God created Eve with Adam..i am so weak that i just can't go through my problems..I have been going through it alone for a long time now..but I just can't keep it all's getting me stressed...I am scared from everything around me..I am just so scared I am gonna harm myself or anybody else if I don't speak out.
    I am trying so hard to make my life better but i knw I can't do it alone..I am weak and I need Jesus by my side.
    Pray for me,
  • i know marianne, i know. Life now is very tough. those who were close to us no longer are. Those who we speak to and trust belittle our problems saying there r pple worse than you. that doesnt help us, because our cross is too heavy for us.
    but we need to be patient and hold on to some kind of hope that life will get better. :'(
  • you feel weak and alone and like you don't deserve God, but so are we. we don't deserve his love or His holy blood that was shed for us or even His holy body that was torn and bruised and spat on, for oursakes. but that's the thing. that's why Christ died on the cross for us. if it wasn't for His love, we wouldn't be existing. what held Christ on the cross was not the nails, but His love for you and me. He loves you and when He sees you drowning in the ocean of sins, he feels sad
    pray that God doesn't leave your side and that he can embrace you and hold you tight in His arms.
    be thankful that we're alive and that we're all ok.
    just like Christ accepted the right hand thief, join the right hand theif by saying, Jesus, remember me when You enter into Your paradise.

    40But the other criminal rebuked him. "Don't you fear God," he said, "since you are under the same sentence? 41We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong."
    42Then he said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.[6] "
    43Jesus answered him, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise

    recognizing that you're weak, will always remind you that you are from dust and returning to dust. that's gift that you shouldn't try to get rid of, but at the same time don't lose your self confidence.

    don't worry, Jesus hears your prayers because if He didn't you wouldn't be receiving each heartbeat, each breath,or each second of your life.
    don't lose hope and talk to a priest about it. he'll understand.

    God bless you all.
  • Dear Marianne,

    To answer your first message: the first pic represents God's hands stretched out to you. Look at them again - they are strong, patient, kind. He is inviting you to lay your problems in his hands. I find it a very peaceful pic.

    Now, to answer your second message: talk about what you are going through. Don' keep it all inside you. You are right about one thing - you can't do it all alone. None of us have the strength. I went through a very difficult time in my life a couple of years ago and when I tried to keep it all bottled up, I only ended up isolating myself from those who love me and I was the one who suffered. If you have no one in your life right now with whom you can share this with, use this website or did you try your FOC?

    Jesus will not give you a cross that will destroy you. He wants you to become the best person that you can be. Sometimes when He answers, it is not in this great huge revelation, but maybe a small message in your bible, a kind word from a stranger, words of wisdom from your family.

    Here is an excerpt from this book I told you about. It is a daily devotional, where each day of the year, Jesus speaks words of encouragement, love, lesson, etc....

    "August 5 - Hour of Need
    I am your Healer, your Joy, your Lord. You bid Me, your Lord, come. Did you not know that I am here? With noiseless footfall I draw near you.
    Your hour of need is the moment of My Coming.
    Could you know My Love, could you measure My Longing to help, you would know that I need no agonized pleading.
    Your need is My Call."

    Please don't be sad anymore. :-[

    You are not alone. Keep me posted of your news.

    God bless,

  • Hey
    thanks for ur message again, to answer ur question I actually talked to my FOC...except that he is not always there..he is in egypt right now...this website has been great..all of ur posts have been great..I am working on it ..I try not to be sad. But there is always something that hold me back...I believe God will be by my side..I just need a little faith. and I am sorry for the diffucilties that u had to go through in ur life. I know we all have a cross to carry in life.
    Thank you again :),
  • Hi Marianne,

    No problem. I am glad that I was able to help :).

    Thank you for your concern about me. I thank God that he allowed me to go through a very difficult time a little while ago because it allowed me to learn a lot of things and more importantly, it drew me closer to the Lord. Don't get me wrong, while I was going through it, I couldn't imagine facing another day. I had lost all hope. However, gradually, through the grace of God, I was able to pull out of my despair and see the beauty in my life again. There are still days of course when I fear the future, but thank god, those are now far and few in between. And, even though I don't have an answer to my prayers, I am confident that God will provide me. He is never in a hurry, but always on time :)

    I share this with you so that you don't despair. Just be patient and persistent in your prayers and committment to do God's commandments. You will see the dawn again!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Will you pray for me also?

    God bless you Marianne. Keep me posted of your news.

  • In the sermon on saturday, Abouna Morcos said that sometimes God lets you enter hardships so that you may learn something new about Christ...for example, when Jesus Christ and His disciples were on the ship and He was sleeping and a storm had begun, they all thought they would die and they woke Him up and He commanded the wind and sea to calm down and they were amazed of His power to command even nature... they learned something new about Christ...

  • Dear Marianne,

    I hope that whenever you are sad, Jesus is always there to put a smile on your face again :)

    Be sure that God cares about YOU so much, no one loves you as much as He does, you are His precious child, whom He has loved with an everlasting love, "I have loved you with an everlasting love" Jeremiah 31:3

    If you are troubled then go to Him.
    If you no longer have peace in your heart, find peace in Him.
    If you feel like you are far away from Jesus, then now is the time to come back.
    If everything is bothering you and you are depressed talk to Him, pray to Him & ask Him "till when o Lord will you forget me, forever?"

    Dont ever think that God doesnt listen to your prayers. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” Matthew 7:7, 8, If you really pray from your heart God will listen to you, He listens to the voice of His dear children always

    God came and died for us, He will never leave us or forget us, He will guide us to the path that will lead us to Him. There is nothing that we should fear, no matter how many problems are overwhelming us, because though we walk through the valley of the shadow of the death....there is nothing to ever fear because God is with us

    "Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7 Go to Him with all your problems because nobody cares like Jesus, to whom shall we go but Him, we have no helper in our hardships and tribulations but Him?

    Walk in the way that will lead you to Christ, keep Him always in your heart, pray to Him, and ask Him to always be by your side, because without Him, we cant do anything, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me: Philippians 4:13
  • Thanks PrincessMary..ur words are very inspiring
    Pray for me,
  • thanks Marianne...hope it helped a little..
    remember me, the sinner, in your prayers,
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