Lamentations of Jermiah the prophet

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Hi all,
So far I can't find any two recordings of Lamentations of Jeremiah the prophet (sung on Good Friday) that share the same tune. Maybe its just me, but it seems like its not just a difference of styles between different priests/recordings, but as if each person is reading the words to their own tune. Can someone please post a link to the actual tune that we're supposed to sing these powerful words to?




  • What priests/recordings have you listened to? In all honesty, some priests do not know the hymn well and just 'wing it.' So it might sound somewhat different. But then again, I am no expert on hymns so this is just my opinion.
  • I've listened to Fr. Metias Mankaryous, Fr. David (forgot his last name), Fr Mousa Roshdy, Fr. Boutros (from USA), and I listened to one more in Arabic a long time ago, for which I don't remember the name of the priest. Aside from that, I've heard it in sung in two different churches three different ways over a period of three years (different readers at one of the churches). I really loved the words and strong meaning behind the letters, so I was interested in finding out what the real tune was.

    I actually answered my own question just a couple of minutes ago. After a little more digging, I came across
    According to Ramez Mikhail of that discussion,
    "there probably exists two teachings concerning the Lamentations of Jeremiah in Arabic:

    1- Dydimus institute teaching:

    teaches that the Lamentations reading should be chanted using the tune of the litany of oblations.

    2-Higher Institute of Coptic Studies:

    teaches that there is no standard tune for the Lamentations in Arabic since the original coptic does not have a special tune other than the normal prophecy tune. thus, it is approved to apply whatever tune your church uses depending on your teaching. In case there is not previous teaching in your church to follow, it is then befitting to utilize the tune of your choice depending on what you think is appropriate for the mood."

    So this explains why there are so many tunes. Sorry for the redundant thread, everyone.
  • Thanks for sharing Bishoy :)
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