Holy Week - work or pray?

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I am already beginning to worry about the inevitable dilemma I will face during Holy Week: Should I study or go to the services at church?

Taking four classes and working on campus is exhausting. The only way I would be able to really benefit from the Holy Week is to put school aside. Inevitably, as a result, my grades will slip. I am weak and will not be able to do both.

School and work have already consumed my life to the point that I have not attended one weekday liturgy this Great Lent!! In times past I used to go at least twice a week.

I am finding myself between a rock and a hard place. I can't let my grades falter and I can't miss the prayer services!

Pray for me.


  • I think the responses in this thread will help a little:http://tasbeha.org/content/community/index.php/topic,7819.0.html

  • It was helpful - thank you.
  • I have a class that conflicts with the wednesday liturgy and i was tired of missing the wednesday liturgy every week so I skipped class and stayed once and after words when receiving the ourbana (I don't know if i spelled that right lol) Abouna asked if I had class and I admitted I skipped well he told me not to do it again so simply school is important and the church and many will tell you so, I personally have not had the whole experience of holy week mon-thur (morning services) and so I have told my teachers that I will not attend my wednesday and thursday classes simply I compromised but im sure my classes are not as hard as yours because im in my first year so I feel comfortable missing, sorry if this wasn't helpful
    may God guide you in your decision :)
  • Unworthy1,
    I totally know how you feel.  I am taking 6 classes this quarter and working.  While I would love to attend every service during Holy Week, like you said, it's not feasible.  However, I think it's important to attend Great Thursday and Great Friday.  I always inform my professors at the beginning of the quarter and almost always they are understanding.  You can always do the work ahead of time :)
  • The Council of Oriental Orthodox Churches in the UK and Ireland is trying to address this issue of school and Orthodox holidays with our ecumenical partners and the Government. When Orthodox and Catholic Easter co-incide then Good Friday is a public holiday, but when it does not it can cause problems, and the period at the beginning of the year is often a problem with exams taking place just at the celebration of the Nativity.

    Father Peter
  • i just found out i got an exam on good friday.....noon to 1 30
  • [quote author=minatasgeel link=topic=11244.msg135866#msg135866 date=1302630023]
    i just found out i got an exam on good friday.....noon to 1 30

    Don't worry man, finish your exam and when your done go straight away to church and pray. Remember that there will be dozens more of Good Friday's in your life, don't let the event of missing one put you down, You will only have that certain exam once in your life, don't worry, God will help you with the exam and you will go thank him after it.
  • here is a little 20 minute discussion about the spirituality of holy week.
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