Sins with exceptions?

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Hey guys, well there are many saint stories that I have read or heard or that have a saint doing SOME kind of sin but for the welfare of God and I guess these were exceptions.. i.e. king David.. He killed Goliath but in the name of God.. another one is saint Marina who lied about her gender but to be with Christ.. so how do these exceptions work & can we do as they did if it is in the name of God?


  • I wish I had an answer to your question - but i don't, sorry, although i am really interested in finding an answer to this question...

    Something else that comes to mind are ppl who are soldiers off at wars etc... they kill etc... but its work. Does that change anything?? [In this case, its not necessarily done in God's name..]

    What do people think??
  • hey ServantOfJesus,
    i was gonna ask the same question!! the part about st Marina! after i watched the gypo movie i had some questions....

    and god child i think that war is a completly diferent thing...i think its an exception from God.....cozi herd in the old days after war the soldiers used to help the opposition after a certain time.....all the soldiers helped eachover...even tho they had sides....
    but i still dont really no about war?!

    ok i hope that helped
  • very interesting replies. well, i think that war is lawful but not helpful . meaning: its not a sin if u kill people at war because you arent fighting against a specific person, but against a country, because in the old testament, moses held his arm up and isreal would prevail. the Lord himself allowed isreal to fight with the palistinians. but, war is not helpful. it destroys the peace and the love that God gave in each person's heart. war is sometimes the "weapon" that we fight with hopefully against evil. ie, having a war to protect our country from those that took it. but, don't take my word for it, because wouldn't war go against God's commandements? like, whoever slaps you on your cheek give him the other?i don't really know. maybe this verse will be helpful: all things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful.

    concerning sin, those saints like st. Marina did sin . they sinned for the sake of doing good. but, you can't do evil things for a good intention. ie, mercy killing. but who am i to judge a great saint. then again, she did repent and asked God for forgiveness and told the monks that she was sorry. even if she did sin, she still repented. God loves his children and He knew that she did this for His love. so, i guess that He forgave her. the quote in church that says " according to thy mercy o Lord, and not according to our sins", i think may help.

    hope this helps.
  • there are so many situations that you can get in that they don't all have a clear answer. thats where trusting God comes in. pray and ask him to help you throughout any decisions. have faith that God will guide you in the right direction. sometimes we just have to go a certain way, as much as we can, and then we have to give Him our hand and close our eyes and follow. i hope that helped.
  • OMg God bless you Gaurdian angel I couldn't have said it beta myself. I completly agree with you. First of all in the saints movies we see, they dont pinpoint every single thing of the saints life. For Abouna Abdelmessiah el manahry they show you one of the sins that he did. They show him screamin that he's never gonna talk to Saint Mary again because she revealed him to the people. of course he did that so the people can think he's a bad person, but after word he prayed with tears for many days asking for forgiveness and repenting to saint Mary because he really didnt mean it. What I'm trying to say is those saints probably begged for God's forgiveness everyday. Just because they never told us doesn't mean it's not true. Besides when david killed Goliath he did it with the power of God. Hello! Back then it wasn't the same as now, killing wasn't as bad. An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. When David killed Goliath he showed everybody the power of God by defeating a humangous person with a single stone. That person was evil and he was causing harm to God's children. So God brought his people together by showing them his strength through David. Saint Marina probably asked god for his forgiveness everyday, but she had a reason to go into the monastar because there were no convents back then and that was the only way to be with really close to God. Besides at one point she got kicked out of the monastary because of something only a man can do, but she took it in because she didnt care as long as she was with God. Obviously she could've admited she was a girl but she didnt. I think God sees the sin in a different way because of the reason. She had no other place to go to instead of the monastery to be with God. Anyway I don't think we should really care about this stuff, because at the end no one really knows. God is the one that knows all and we shouldn't think about this stuff. Let's just leave it to him. It's much easier. God does not use war against as though, because he understands. We have to understand too that God understands more than we can comprehend, so somethings we can not answer, because our only answer is simply that we don't know the answer. That should satisfy us enough since the out all knowing God knows the answer and is taking care of all without our help. Thankz God! ;)
  • Thanks :) but do you still think that we can do that also??
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