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In the name of the Holy Trinity

Selam everyone,

I recently went to confession and when i got home remembered something that i did,
but i mentioned it in my confession but not the specific case, i just mentioned it by name of sin. I'll give you all an example, like u go into confession and tell abouna i gossiped, i talked about someone- then later you remember another time you gossiped about someone, do you go back and tell Abouna if no what do you do?

Pray for me a  sinner, and may God give you the grace to answer this question according to His Holy Will.


  • wait.. i thought we didnt have to mention specific cases?? uhh i usually just tell my FOC like main categories if u wanna call them that, like pride, lying, etc.. how are we actually suppose to tell our FOC what our sins are?
  • Can someone help us?

    May God Bless
  • + Irini nem ehmot,

    When you confess, tell your priest everything that you remember. You don't have to go into a lot of detail, just enough so abouna has an idea of what the sin is. Here's a link you may find helpful, it's a bit long as it does go into a bit of detail.
  • that is an awesome link, thanks for posting.
  • Also tell Abouna, please forgive me for all the sins that i commited, those i mention and those i do not mention
    Hope i helped
  • Confession isn't a formula.  It's taking responsibility, and being accountable for one's actions.  It's being transparent.  It's about the desire to be a better person, a whole person, one that is healed from the inside.  It's forming a relationship with a spiritual father who knows everything about you. It's not a formula for instant cleansing.  Christian life is a process, that we are not to go at alone, which is why the church has set it up this way.  Even if you mentioned every single detail of everything you've done, you think there aren't some mistakes lingering?  No, it's not about that. 

    We can go into confession and rattle off a list of things we did.  I cheated, I cussed, I smoked, I watched Glee, ;) etc.
    but the motivation as to why, is important. 

    Look at the parable of the Lost Son.  Repentance starts way before the actual confession.  It started for him when he was in the pig's trough, looking at his life and regretting his mistakes, and seeing what they lead to.  Then he decided, for himself he wanted to change.  He said "I will go back to my father, etc."  Then the actual confession took place.  It starts with ourselves first, or else we're just robotic.  If we sit with ourselves, we tend to know exactly what is holding us, and keeping us from living in fullness.

    Before you confess, don't run in and out, just sit with yourself and think about where you are being held back.  Sin literally translates to "missing the mark"  The result of missing the mark tends to lead to hurting of ones self, hurting of others, and separation from God.

    If you know what's holding you back, and you're clear on it, before you walk into confession, you'll know that you've said everything you need to, while you're in there.  Usually it's the uncomfortable things to say, that are the ones that need to be said the most.

    But a great thing happens when we confess our sins, we are released from them.  It's as psychological as it is spiritual.  It's a great practice that the evangelical churches have kinda lost.  Anyway best of luck, and KNOW YOURSELF!
  • Thanks so much for all your replies!May God Bless you

    MarchMadness, you helped me a lot

    whoever has something else to share, please post
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