the *story* told in Passion week... ??

Hey guys,
I'm after a transcript of the *story* [sorry, don't know what its called] that is read in some Churches during passion week. The one where the Father asks around Heaven trying to find someone to redeem mankind, and the Son volunteers?? Does anyone know what i'm talking about?? What its called, and where i can find it??

Thanx guys..


  • Hey guys,

    If anyone has any idea please post....

  • no clue, maybe if u could elaborate more.... :-\
  • Hey guys,
    I've found out that it was written by Dionasious the Eryobaghee, and its read just before the 9th hour on Good Friday... [its an optional thing though] ...

    I still haven't got my hands on a script of it though...

    Does anyone know what i'm talking about now?? If you open up your Pascha books just before the 9th hour of Good Friday, there should be a lil' note there about this...

    Let me know if you find anything :)

  • OoOoOo that story!
    yea i know it, but i doubt its in english though. I luv that story!
  • well i have noo idea bout wat story uall talkin bout .....but id like to no about it also.....
    can i ask a question u americans also have the same pascha book wid the green cover and it is A4 size??
    lol i had to ask....coz its everywere here...
    ok thanx
  • LostEgPrincess - actually, it is in English, we do it in English every year.

    Sherry darl, they come in more colours than just green :) [The original was white :) ]
  • wow
    im amazed...i saw it green everywhere!!
    it fully hits my eyes for like the whole week!
    sanks mann
    thanks 4 that
    hey im gonna try and serch for the story! ok?!
  • im very looking forward to find the im gonna go to church and ask abouna where the text is coz if we do it then it most definitly is there..
    so and if i dont get nowherer...wich hopefully i willl...plz everyone do the same and ask
    sanks all and GB 8)
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