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  • Boricou,
    It is very good to hear that, I myself attended a Roman Catholic Church on School Masses and class Masses, but I didn't really feel the deepness of the hymns and songs and the symbolic things done by the Priest in the Roman Catholic Church just as much as I did in the Coptic Church. I hope that you grow stronger in Faith, love and hope and I wish you God's blessings.

    Hey Helen,
    Isn't that Colossinas verse the best, but I have a question did you get it from my signature??

  • Boricua:

    Actually got it from my NKJV Bible 8).

    Got 27 Bibles, with some of the following translations:

    New American Standard; New American Standard Updated; Living Bible; New Living Translation; Amplified; Greek New Testament; Hebrew Tanakh; King James; Williams New Testament; Phillips New Testament; New International Version; Orthodox New Testament Bible; Revised Standard Version!!!!

    And these are just for starters! I LOVE TO STUDY THE SCRIPTURES!!!!!!! And yes, that Colossians scripture is a rich blessing! I will have to take more time to read those signature scriptures - been so busy reading the comments.

    I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will richly bless your day!
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