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I watched movies and saw pictures and made some but not very good reseach and discovered that Deakons are supposed to wear either a black tunic like Abouna with a belt or a white tunic with this hat that is green and looks like a crown of a prince...

Any ideas and any further info... Please tell me.



  • i never heard of a black tunic, but i have heard of the hat before, a servant at our church told me that deacons used to wear hats in earlier days. I dont have any reference though, but it would be cool to wear a hat during liturgies lol :D
  • I know, and I wish they would still be available in Egypt. Does anybody know any books or pictures that have info?

  • (deacon vestments)

    Just one site that shows what vestments worn by Coptic Orthodox Deacons.
  • Thanks but this is not for Coptic Orthodox Deacons...

    Thanks again.

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