Exceded Download Limit!!??

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i really really really got very annoyed wen u cant download more than 10 hymns!!...
sorry, this is like a complaining thread, im REALLY angry... >:(...it says u have to continue the next day...
but u know what i just figured...tomorow is in half an hr!!!
aniwai, i think u should just change that....and allow us download, more freely, somehow....im really ANNOYED!!
GBU ;)


  • ya me 2....i agree i think you should really let us download more than 10 per day :)

    since this is a complaining thread..... ::)

    anddddd ive been asking/begging for more saint videos....theres only 6......I urge that you listen to my request!....(I really like to watch saint videos..and theres really not many in my church....you have 6 on your site and coptichymns.net only has st abanoub...and i dont think there are any more sites with saint videos)

    pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;)
  • uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm.............
    dont the admins care?
  • That is soooooo annoying. One day i would just want to download a lot of song and it wouldn't let me. The next day i would just forget or be really busy.
  • it's a matter of trying to accomodate everybody.. there's only so many downloads a server can handle at once.. they're just trying to be fair
  • i know lol!
    i only looked at the bad side...
    GBU ;)
  • I feel the same way as everyone else........ I like to put hymns on my mp3 player, that way i can get away from the computer because it is really hard to learn from a COMPUTER (it is boreing)..... and other sites don't allow downloads (which i respect) but it would be nice to have them......or to be able to do like 70 downloads in one week, that way we can download all we want one day, but if we finish our downloads for that WEEK we don't get any more...... i think it would work, and it would please everyone. Just an idea.....

    George Mekhaiel
  • the Peace and Love of JESUS CHRIST be with you...

    I greatly respect the admins effort for putting this website together and making it available to us. I do get annoyed when suddenly I can't download anymore yet I put into consideration the purpose of this limit however maybe if we help the admin a bit (with money) we can maybe increase the server's capacity (or whatever, how would I know...) and more downloads would be available to us....

    God Bless.

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