I am officially fulfilling my vow.

I want to do something. I feel so hopeless for Egypt. So starting from 12:00 noon until 6:00 PM, I am fasting and praying with all my heart in the hopes of God's miraculous works for Egypt.

The people are everywhere killing and destructing just to get the president to resign. They are at the street of where my cousins, aunts, uncle, and Grandma lives. They are at the edge of getting killed, the people want to go to the building and destruct everything.

I can't do this by myself, if you are willing to fast and pray with me, Maybe things will change, by God's will. Please pray, I want to help. I want peace. I am going to do everything that I can to help, even though I might be 14 and just a person with hopes, but I have faith in the lord. I know things can change, I just hope that my family will be okay and everyone in Egypt.

I can't resist the thought of everyone getting hurt. I can't resist the thought of this insecure world we live in.

I am waiting for Jesus, my lord to come, and take me with him if I am worthy enough. I know most of you here are adults and have jobs and studies and family to take care of, but it will not hurt to just say a simple prayer. Please.

Thank you. Please also pray for me, the biggest sinner. May God have mercy on us and come soon to take the righteous with him to heaven.


  • I will join my prayers with yours. I am sure that everyone is praying.

    God bless you

    Father Peter
  • Very nice post, CopticStrength,

    may our Lord protect Egypt and the Egyptians with His Mighty Hand,
    and may His good and perfect will be done in the country..

    You are not alone, many will be praying fervently for this cause..
  • If I may add the Coptic church of St. Shenouda in New Jersery here in America has asked at least from my knowledge of what I have seen on the CNN news to fast starting Monday through to Wednesday and that the churches hold a liturgy each of these days just thought maybe everyone who doesn't know would like to know and that maybe the word can be spread on this topic
    - God be with us all and around the world
  • St. Mary and St. Athanasius aswell.
    I don't wish that Mubarak leaves because he is the only one WE(as a coptic church) have.
    We don't really know if he goes, who will  replace him.
    I pray for peace in Egypt and that God's will be done.
    Let us all pray fervently,
  • Yeah, the U.S. Is praying and fasting from Monday to Wednesday, approved by the bishops.

    Cyril, Hosni Mubarak has been president for 30 years, 40% of the country is facing poverty, and 11% of egypt are officials.
    The economy is bad, and Egypt needs a change, I just hope that the change will not be a bad one and that the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't take over.

    Lets look on the bright side........ wait, there is NONE. Other than the fact that our Lord will save us.

    A thought just crossed my mind, the U.S. is offering people to leave egypt, right? Wouldn't that bring all the muslims out here and cause chaos?

    But hey, at least we have our faith and trust in God the almighty!
  • I don't think that the U.S declared Egypt a refuge country.
    You are right though.
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