Fasting before Confession

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if we are supposed to fast before we confess?
Is this true?

May God Bless you and give you His grace to answer this question?


  • According to what I know, fasting is not needed before confession. However I think that fasting is very nice as a sign of true repentance
  • Before Confession ?

    or after leading to Holy Communion?

    Thanks for your reply!
    May God Bless
  • u don't have to fast before confession, u can confess any day of the week. but u can confess early before the divine liturgy if u didn't before, and if the priest arrives early (it is best to arrange this before), then, in that situation you will be fasting.

    i think generally it is best to confess on a different day, though, as the priest would have to arrive very early if there were many people confessing on sunday morning.
  • I was taught that we should fast before confession, for a period at least.

    His Grace Bishop Mettaous says...

    ..confession is a sacrament, and as such should be practiced while fasting (similar to the rest of the sacraments)

    There is always value in fasting before the sacraments, and it seems to me, if I was asked personally and had not got Bishop Mettaous' comment, that I would in any case myself want to encourage those coming to confession to have fasted for a number of hours beforehand.

    Father Peter
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