Fasting Difficulties

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Hello everyone  :)

I have a really hard issue. At the moment, our family began fasting at the beginning of kiahk. As time went on we had family problem amongst ourselves as our family member was sick and needed constant company. So us running around caused us to be very busy and our family bit by bit broke their fasts. Me and my father are the only ones currently remaining our fast as opposed to the rest of the family who are fatreen. I'm stuck watching my family eat fitary food while I'm eating fish and fool... I tried discussing the matter and no use. What do I do?  ???



  • It's just simple to say continue fasting with the rest of the church. Also, the typical suggestion would be to discuss this with your confession father.

  • I almost always break fasts, and not because they are difficult, atleast the restraining from food part, I just get bored or frustrated. I think a lot of people deal with this issue to be honest but the good thing is you feel bad for doing it so your heart is in the right place. Sometimes it happens and God understands, well except with me I dont usually have a good excuse.
  • hey, only 11 days left!  :)
    the most important thing in the fast is to fast from bad deeds and attitudes and to fill yourself with the love and power that come from God by prayer, Bible study and attending liturgy. then when you start every day in prayer, it is easier to refrain from certain foods. even if you didn't fast exactly as normal, you should still give up some foods until the end of the fast.
    God looks at what is in your heart, so pray and tell him where you struggle. your family's fast is not your business, it is your own that should be important. you can encourage them by your example. it's also a good idea to talk to your confession father about this.

    i know it's really hard to fast when there is fitari food in the fridge and the cupboard, just ask the family if they can keep 1 or 2 shelves sayami so you can ignore the other shelves. if you don't normally do the cooking, get involved and do some nice fasting food, and soon the others might follow your example (always cook extra so others can have some).]

    it will soon be Christmas!
  • I know exactly how you feel. I also started fasting at the beginning and I had to watch my whole family eat fitary food for the three weeks. It was torture, but thank God I pulled it off. lol
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