can we get marry to some one thats christian

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i just want to know more can we marry some one thats not christian, some one thats not Orthodox, can we be allowed to marry some one thats not christian and live with them like Catholic do. ??? ???


  • i think the only way a marriage will work is if god is in the middle of should be him who brings you to your future spouse...besides if who have children which religion will they follow....hoped that helped... :) :)
  • Here is a story of a miracle by Anba Abraam. This girl wanted to marry outside of her religon and was faced with leaving her religon for this man. I hope this helps.

    11. A Girl Who Desired to Depart the Faith:

    A young Christian woman fell in love with a non-Christian and decided to depart the Christian faith and to marry this man. According to civil laws in Egypt, they had to inform the episcopate of the religion change request. Anba Abraam met with the young woman advised her not to change her faith and to forget about the man, but she wouldn't listen. Anba Abraam was irritated by her stubbornness and told her: "You do not desire the other religion, you desire the man. God will do to you as you deserve" As soon as she left, she fainted. The police came, they thought that there was a criminal act!
    Anba Abraam heard that the young woman fainted on the street, he hurried to her, took water and prayed and sprinkled the water on he. She regained consciousness, and began to speak praising God and saying: "I saw with my own eyes......" After that she dropped the request, and changed her mind about this marriage, and lived a righteous life without marriage (to the end).

  • great story Conqueror
    and i agree with aruba but i have a question
    the people that marry outside of the christian orthodox religion, is that considered a sin for them
    i mean i think that its not their fault that they we born to this religion
    r they doomed forever because of this sin
    aand also the bible says that u have to be baptized in order to enter the kingdom of heaven so how about the people that had no choice but to live in their religion for example islam
    what do u guys think
  • Great question Coptic Angel. I believe Everyone at sometime in their life is exposed to christianity, Remember God gave us the free will to live and believe as we want. But if you want to go to heaven you have to abide by his rules.

    People who are born for example with the islam religon have the choice sometime in their life to go to christianity and from there they make the decision as to what religon they want to believe in, whether it be through a miracle they experienced like when st. mary visited the people in zeitun or from a coversation with a christian, etc...

    I hope that answers your question or helps a little.

    God Bless.

  • i agree with u conquerer...but i also believe that god knows what your situation is and expects certain those who died b4 they got baptized........i also agree that christianity is infront of every1.....but i understand how hard it is to convert.....from the day they are born musliums are made to believe that we are hateful people and that if they left their religion they would be killed....they are basically brainwashes....its takes a lot of courage and faith in Christ for one to get out of the islamic.....may god be with those who are searching for a way to god.... :) :) :)
  • alright so i know a person who is christian and was baptized in the coptic orthodox church and he wass married orthodoxly( i dont think thats a word lol) but he goes to protestant church and basically is a protestaant all his like
    now he is divorced and he had two children
    one of them is 13 and the other one is 6 and non of them were baptized in the orthodox church
    they were baptized in the protestant church which really doesnt follow the rules of the orthodox
    so what do u guys think about these children are they not going to be saved. whats there eternety

    ps yes conqueror ur answer helps very much thank u
  • if it's a question of "can".. sure, you can do whatever u want.. freewill.. but will the church officially recognize the marriage?.. only if they're from our sister churches (syrian, armenian, indian, eritrian, ethiopian [there might be another one] ) if not.. then usually, no.
  • but what about the children i dont think that was meant for me wuz it
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