Is There Any Good In The Devil?

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Satan used to be an angel, but he sinned because he wanted to be equal to God. So he sinned and he never repented, but is there any good in him? How can something that God created be absolutely evil? Everything that God makes is good, so he made angels good, and this specific angel decided to fall, but isn't there even a small amount of good in him? Because we all sin, sure we repent and we feel bad, but no matter how many times we sin, we still have some good in us...


  • its a tough question howeva i dont think every one has good in them, i mean they cood have had good in them, but due to their free will it doesnt stay, u know wat i mean, they chose the wrong path, and they stuck with it, with out repentance (blaspheming agaisnt the holy spirit), therefore i think that u will meet ppl today with no good in the, thats is the ppl that r described in psalm one, "the ungodly" "the wicked" "the scornfull"

  • Thanks George. :D So there are people that are pure evil? I still find that difficult to believe, because we are only baptised with the Holy Spirit once, because it is always in us, at times very strong and illuminating, and at times, a tiny speck. And if there are people that are pure evil, then the only thing that seperates them from the devil is that the devil has more power? (Of course with God's permission).

    Sorry, I've been wondering about this lately, and also, there are many instances when saints make the sign of the cross on the devil and then the devil goes away. I know why and everything, but does this mean that there is absolutely no hope in the devil ever repenting?

    And why does the devil have a "good" time being bad? He lives in Hades forever, yes, but he "enjoys" himself when he sees others suffer, that's his "game." But for humans who go to Hades, it's terrible....
  • God made GOOD and EVIL...
    u cant have good without evil!!!
    .........think of it.... :P
    GBU ;)
  • u bring up many awsome points ;)
    just think about it, its sad the devil rejoices wen he moves someone away from GOd, but suffers wen someone overcomes him and turns to GOd, i doubt it possible for satan to repent, because he knows God, rite, which is even worse he has seen hevean and hell he knows it exists, ppl reject god cause they neva seen him, he knows, yet he rejects it.

    in the last day he will be cast into a bottomless pit anway..

    oooooooo and he cant reprnt because he plays a major role in the apocalyse, wne the world ends, with the antichrist and the false prophet , the defiled trinity...(revealations)
  • Thanks you guys, because I've been wondering about it lately, so you helped me out. :D

  • A good question for the evil. There is no good at all in
    him, for he wants to be over the GOD who created him,
    inspite he knowes that clearly. He is by his nature to be
    the first. So the Lord punished him, for there is nothing
    good in him. Uptill now he decieves all of us to deviate
    and leave our kind Lord WHO Dead for us. Pray that our
    Lord preserve us and lead us not into temptation.
  • [quote author=ArIpSaLiN link=board=4;threadid=669;start=0#msg12414 date=1096779776]
    God made GOOD and EVIL...
    u cant have good without evil!!!
    .........think of it.... :P
    GBU ;)

    God did not creat evil. "Let no one say when he is tempted, "I am tempted by God"; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone. 14But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. 15Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death." James 1:13-15

    [quote author=LordHaveMercy link=board=4;threadid=669;start=0#msg12413 date=1096779558]
    So there are people that are pure evil?

    only the devil is pure evil. humans have till their last breath to repent (blasphemy against the holy spirit is the exception). god's light shines even to the worst people.

  • OK everyone knowes that GOD didn't create evil but he created him as one of the great archiangles and he sinned. As well he now
    only decieves the people by different tricks and has not the power
    to make us sin because we have got the power of GOD the HOLY
    SPIRIT. GOD bless
  • We are all created in the image of God, and even angels are like God,they are heavenly beings, Mikhaiel, Gabraiel, Raphaiel (even there names have "iel" at the end meaning "God")even Satan was called before he fell "satanaiel",

    so all of us have some good in us, but it is us who choses to let the good inside us shine or to let the good inside of us turn into darkness, its really our choice, and satan had the choice too, but instead he fell into the sin of pride and thought he was better than God who created him!

    then the devil, though he was once an angel of God became the prince of demons, the ruler of darkness, he is the serpent of old, he is cunning and deceitful, and he opposes all the children of God i dont think there is good in him anymore
  • in a word:
    no.. the root of evil is the absence of good.. and absence of God is what hell is.. and if the satan's domain is hell then there is no good.. nothing.. none.. not even the scent of it.
  • If there is no good in them, then why did Jesus fulfill their wish to be sent into the pigs (from the demon-possessed man in the Bible)? Do you think that He shows slight mercy to them, even though they're fallen?
  • God is all merciful. If he wished he could destroy all demonic powers in a moment, and all sinful men and women. But in his love he chooses to show the demonic powers the true working out of his divine plan. We cannot know the mind of God. The more closely we look the less we understand. But God is not cruel, though he is righteous and just. The demons have no excuse, even towards them God has never been unjust.

    Father Peter
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