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I hate being studious....


  • Hey there, welcome to the site  :D

    I've got a number of points, not in any particular order:

    1) Don't feel that you have to "kill yourself" in prayer and fasting to "get somewhere." As you pointed out, you should do what you can, and as long as you do it sincerely and honestly, then you are doing exactly what God wants. You have to start slow, do what you can, and as you grow in experience you reach higher levels of spirituality, and in turn your relationship with God is built up more. It takes time, but having a relationship with God is the basis of us being Christians! And God will reward and bless you for the time that you spend with him multiple and multiple times, so that the remainder of your time is so much more productive:

    Malachi 3:10
    Bring all the tithes into the storehouse,
    That there may be food in My house,
    And try Me now in this,” Says the LORD of hosts,

    “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven
      And pour out for you such blessing
    That there will not be room enough to receive it.

    2) You've sort of identified the sources of your problems, procrastination and subsequent time management issues. The next step is to think about what you can do to improve them!  It might mean joining a study group in order to resist the temptations of procrastination when you are working alone in your room, it might mean drawing up weekly revision and work timetables that you strictly adhere to, to ensure that all of that weeks work is done and dusted when the week is over, so you don't endlessly carry work onwards to lead to a massive pile in the final week. Consider working in the library more, trying to enjoy your subjects more, talking to your professors if you are having problems. And don't forget to pray and read the Bible every day  :)

    3) The confession is repetitive issue - I have been having the same problem, as I keep making the same mistakes. The best thing we can do is to give ourselves every advantage and every preparation so that we reduce our exposure to the causal factor, and so that when we are confronted and tempted by the devil we are strongly rooted in God's word, and can thus resist the devil.

    4) Try to be honest with your parents, and explain to them what you are going through. That way, they can help you in whatever ways they can, and do not put the excess pressure of their expectations on you, that are likely to make you feel worse. They say a problem shared is a problem halved and that honesty is the best policy, and both are so true. You will feel so much better getting everything off your chest with them, and their support behind you will really help you.

    It's getting late, so I hope some of my post at least made some sense  :)

    "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philipians 4:13)

    God be with you and strengthen you through the intercessions of his saints  :D
  • Welcome to this site. You need help. lol

    I have been in College for a few years now, and although I'm not a good student myself, I'd like to share a few things that I've learned.

    First of all, don't be discouraged from previous failures. Like sin, we fall and get back up again. Dust yourself off, stand up, and take a shower (literally, college students aren't taking enough showers).

    I think everyone has their own list of reasons to failure, but I will list mine (I always name 3 points whenever I give reasons to anything.. it's an OCD habit):
    1. Setting the bar at ridiculous heights
    2. Not being serious
           a. procrastinating
                  - laziness
           b. unfair priority list
                  - wasting time
                  - unorganized (inclusive to your study desk and bookbag)
                  - putting off prayer
           c. no preparation
                  - don't know how to study
    3.  Uncontrolled circumstances
           a. traveling oversees
           b. illness
           c. commute to school

    From your post, it looks like you already know how to study:

    I would say i'm pretty smart when I study very well... I surprise myself sometimes.

    Maybe you're not taking school as seriously. Are other things distracting you? Is church service taking up a lot of your time? Are you in extracurricular activities? Do you spend a lot of time chatting/emailing/facebooking? Do you just not feel like studying?

    You need to set your priorities straight. Above all, is God.

    I don't pray very often - it's a struggle

    "Through baptism we die to ourselves and to the world. In life we must struggle to remain dead"- St. Cyril
    As students, we have an easier time to remain "dead" than people who are caught up with their occupations. We are reminded constantly that we are nothing without Him- always calling on God for grace, mercy, and success!

    You said this:

    I know very well that if I kill my self in prayer and fasting and what not I will get somewhere

    There is a famous ol' saying that goes "Do your best and God will do the rest". You are not a monk. No need to kill yourself in prayer and fasting.

    My dad always tells me: take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.
    I just remembered a random story I heard in the news not too long ago, but I can tie it back to what I was saying..
    In my state we have a fish competition every year. I forgot the certain type of fish (I don't feel like googling it either), but anyway, fishers are supposed to all go out at the same time, and find the largest fish of this kind. The grand prize is 100 million. One hundred million. $100,000,000. This year, there was a group of fishers of about 5 men. They caught this certain type of fish to be about 700 lbs. Not only did they win, but they beat the record--ever. Before the judges gave the award of ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS, they found that one of the five fishers (who was originally from another state) didn't have a fishing license in my state. They disqualified all the entire group. One hundred million dollars.
    Take care of the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves.

    Leave your final grade to God, but take care of the little assignments. Don't turn in things late. Not only does it deduct points, but they're easier points that count up in the end.

    Keep praying, doing your best, and consulting with Abouna.

    You are not a failure. Don't let grades convince you otherwise.
  • kk, thanks guys
  • Pray to Anba Karas. Seriously. He helps.

    Send your work in, just for the heck of it, and see whether or not your teacher accepts it.

    May the prayers of Anba Karas help you to succeed.

    P.S. check your email ;)
  • I'll keep this short and sweet since the advice is great-- i'll pray for you :)

    You actually remind me of myself in a lot of ways.

    But I just want to say that God doesn't determine whether we deserve this or that because really... none of us "deserve" anything. He is just an awesome God. Just do what is in your power now.

    Keep struggling!

  • No offense B...123, and please don't take this in a bad way from me, since you don't know me that well, but could you change your screen name--please.  I think you are a sweet person, and sincere, but I don't think your screen name matches you.

    Even in a joking fashion, such terminology can be harmful.  Just a thought.
  • I dont see how his name is offensive.

    Btw, Bimbo, make sure you have your computer/laptop OUT of your room... or at least not anywhere _near_ where you study.
  • Thanks all. Seriously...
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