Please Pray, it will determine my future!

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You guys please pray for me because there is an issue in my history class, and i need a lot of prayers so that God will have mercy on my sinful soul.

God bless, and may He have mercy.


  • May the Lord have mercy on you.
  • God be with you.
  • May the Lord secure your future for the best.

  • Thank you all so much for your prayers. Please keep me in your prayers for something very serious has happened.

    God have mercy.
  • may God give you strength, be brave. keep us posted  :)
  • God be with you geomike and solve whatever problem has happened!

  • Thank you all for your prayers and care for me when i don't deserve it because i might have made the biggest mistake of my life. Please keep me in your prayers for the next 2 weeks. I thank you guys for all your kindness and i am sorry that i am being a burden. May God reward you all and may He have mercy on me.
  • May God be with you geomike and have mercy upon you.

    BTW you are not a burden and you will never be. You are our dearest brother in Jesus Christ.

  • [quote author=ebnyasoo3 link=topic=10073.msg123160#msg123160 date=1291259661]
    BTW you are not a burden and you will never be. You are our dearest brother in Jesus Christ.


    I can probably get a feeling for what you've done, geomike. I made the same mistake. It's not going to be the "biggest mistake of your life" lol. There will be worse (I'm not good at cheering people up...). Just ask Anba Karas to help you. He helped me when I was in the same situation. Ask him. Ask Anba Karas right now.

    Don't forget to ask Anba Karas.

    Maybe if I say it enough times, you'll do it. Ask Anba Karas to help you. He. Will. Help. You.

    Ask him.
  • Thank you all for your kindness and TITL i will ask Anba Karas. Thank you for the advice.
  • Please brothers and sisters, pray for me because i am going to confront my teacher about the situation tomorrow. Please pray that God will have mercy on me tomorrow.
  • I know this is kind of late, but, be strong and pray before you enter his office!

    God bless you Geomike!!
  • I hope everything went well today geomike!

  • Well as a matter of fact here is the whole story, now i will inform you all of this miracle(well i think it is lol):

    Well, the situation was that i was cheating(it was an accident i wasn't really meaning to cheat, but it turned out that i was cheating), and he gave me like a 20 minute lecture about how he will punish me for this stupid and low act i did dumbly(i still feel bad that i did it). So today I confronted him, after all your prayers, and me praying outside his door for 30 minutes, i went in. I asked him what should i do. He replied with a smile like i am asking a stupid question(HE TOLD ME THAT I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING AND HE SAID HE WOULD FAIL ME FOR THE SEMESTER!)and said that i obviously just need to redo it and i will then receive FULL CREDIT. Glory be to God. I will never do anything like that again.
  • Glory be to God for His mercy endures forever!
  • thank God, He is so merciful and we are often foolish. many people were praying for you  :)
  • I'll send you Anba Karas's tamgeed.

    Btw, I told you so  :P
  • Lol TITL, thank you everybody for your prayers and your kindness. May God bless you all.
  • Glory be to God forever, and may the prayers of Anba Karas be with us all.
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