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Hi everyone!

I am hopefully going to started volunteering with a community organization (not church related) that helps kids and families in need. This organization is wonderful and I'm really excited to start, but I wonder what I should think about volunteering with an org. that supports things that a Christian does not (i.e. they have a float in the gay pride parade). To my knowledge, this isn't an organization involved explicitly with homosexuality or anything, they just like to make a point of being non-judgmental and accepting of everyone and expects its volunteers and staff to do the same.

I try hard not to judge people or reject them just because they live a life that I believe is wrong/sinful because we all sin and God doesn't want us to judge anyone, so is it ok that I volunteer for this organization? I mean I generally believe in being kind to everyone no matter what kind of life they live which is what they essentially believe as well.

I hope this isn't a stupid question lol.

Thanks guys and gals!


  • this is not a stupid question... on the contrary I think its an excellent question.

    there are many organizations out there, and not everyone will fit in our Christian beliefs, I deal with this dilemma everyday of my life, I'm in a field where I have to accept everyone for who they are... I'm in organizations that due that, I lead organizations that support such groups... but when it comes to support something i don't believe in, I easily pull myself out, and have the event led by someone other than me...

    just remember, you are not hating the people, BUT you do HATE the action... and these events support the action, so you are not being judgmental, you are just being like God, where you love the gays, but you hate what they do.

    neshkor Allah, akhadna el baraka!
  • I really like what ✞SuperMAN✞(BAM)✞ said.
    Anyways, I my opinion, I would stick with the church.
    Not for any reason specifically but that it is (should) be supervised by abouna.
    It is in the church's observation and is safer (from sins...)
    God bless you and help you,
    Pray for me,
  • Thank you both for your insight. Cyril, your comment got me thinking and I realized that I have to be in this world and interact and even help others (hopefully) without compromising my beliefs. So I thought I need to be able to be in the world, but not of it which is why I want to volunteer in this way alongside my church service.

    I mean, maybe getting involved with an outside organization will actually show more people the Christian life as opposed to always being at church and not really interacting with non-Christians. Well, I pray that I will can be a reflection of God (and not a stumbling block), although I'm still working on that :)

    Also, I am kind of a quiet person but I want to have a career in the field of helping children so I need some outside experience that will force me to get out of my comfort zone.. and like I said I need to learn how to be in the world but not of it. If I find I'm in an uncomfortable situation I will talk to my FOC.

    Thanks again for your insight you two! You made me think about this more.

    take care,
  • i think u should do it, u don't have to take part in gay pride just coz your organisation does.
    i used to live in a town that's very famous for it's all day and all night gay pride parties. the police, the hospital, the ambulance service, the fire brigade, everybody, had a float in the gay pride parade. but despite working for an organisation that had a float, i didn't take part, in fact only a few people in each organisation took part.
    so if anyone asks you, you can say you have no problem having gay friends and colleagues, just you don't want to take part in the parade. tell them you are a Christian, which means you can love people without making a big noise to support lifestyles that you don't think are the best way to live.
    i think it's a very good thing for Christians to work with (or volunteer with) non-Christians. how do we reach the world if we never get to know the people in the world?
    just check with your confession father that he thinks you are spiritually ready for this, and to ask for his prayers.
    of course the enemy can tempt us when we walk with non-believers, but also he can tempt us in the church.
    so stay humble, ask for prayers from your friends and church family, and shine your light.
    and pray for me too
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