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  • Certainly, artists and writers take poetic license.

    It would not be my cup of tea.
  • Hi,

    I'd suggest that trying to use low budget costumes and one background per story would enhance more the authenticity and make the historical context clearer to the audience, unless you just want to extract the spiritual lessons for practical modern implementation. In the latter case you would perhaps only mention an abstract of the original story in the script introduction.

    If the stories are many having different dates and places, and if the budget is very low then you'd probably use common characters and set ups for the whole series.

    More difficult is to write a brand new story that would possibly contain all the required events etc. in a suitable new context.

    Good luck!

  • GODlovesme,

    For the young it is OK to simplify to some extent but you know how kids are now capable to assimilate and have a vivid imagination, the unusual has also the advantage to be memorized. In the case of Church kids they will appreciate more stories of Saints and Angels (even sayings of the Fathers) when they'll grow up if they were given small sips of the Church tradition in their youth (you can also add few words of Coptic).

  • I didn't read ANY of this, but I am gonna take my pick and say it is WRONG!  ::)
  • You are welcome.

    Another idea for the youth versions: to keep the Saints stories in their context, then to explain in the end how to simply implement applicable things in relation to our modern daily life, with characters wearing a modern costume for this conclusion scene.

  • I don't see anything wrong with that, we do that all the time in sunday school! Or we extract the main ideas or themes of the stories and put them in a modern context so the kids can relate. But if we want to preserve the story and want the kids to remember the actual story/saint then we keep it as it is and as suggested above, we give examples of how the kids can apply the themes in the story to their own lives.

    God bless your service :)
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