HOW IS GOD 3 IN ONE I need more info

i am just sooo confused about how every one say that God is 3 in one father son and holy spirit. some one plzzz explain it to me or tell me where to find explanation and read about it. thanks :(


  • We humans ..have a soul, a spirit, and a body
    this does not mean that we are three people
    1 spirit, 1 body, and 1 soul..of course not!
    all three are me, all three are one

    God is like the sun. The sun also gives us light and heat. If there wasnt light then it wouldnt be a sun. So the light and heat are not separate entities from the sun, just as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are not separate form each other...but are all one
    i hope this made sense.. :-\

  • The father the son and the holy spirit are all 3 in Well, in the book "Characteristics of Orthodox Teaching"by H.G. Bishop Moussa, he said that it can be described as an equalateral triangle. The triangle has 3 equal angles, angle a, b, and c. These r THREE parts of ONE triangle. You can't seperate angle A from angle B or angle B from angle C or angle A from angle C, etc. It's the same with the Holy can seperate the father from the son, or the Son from the Holy spirit, u kno? Think of it as ur hand...u have ur wrist, ur palm, and ur fingers....that doesnt make each piece the same but they're all in ONE hand (this is a very bad example I'm so sorry) they all work together, they need each other and they can't be seperated....i hope this helped some... ;)

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • that was awsome guys ;)

    the way i see it is the trinity, as i hear in a very good sermon, they are three distinguishable figures, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now they all share an essence, a divine essence,we as humans share an essence, the essence of humanity, we have feelings, emoitions we are all human, we cant say to a human ur not one of us, we are many but we are all one, we cant share in this divine essence. so dont get confussed cause wen ppl say three in one they picture that their all in each other, u know??

    im sorry i dont think i was clear
    can someone help me out.
  • is it like, we're all MANY different individuals yet we are still classified as ONE thing which is humans. I mean there's black,white,yellow,purple, colored people in the world but we're all still one thing, which is people :-\ right? lolx...sorry its 1am i'm not exactly working on a straight line guys, :(

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • I think the clearest way to see this is in this description. God is three put in one just as a tree. Lets look at it from a trees point of view.

    The roots are under the ground where no one sees them. This is like God and the trunk which is above the ground and then you have the branches they are all part of the tree and are considered one tree not three trees. Therefore God is kind of the same there is the father the son and the holy spirit which are all one and belong to each other. Something like that I hope this helps.

  • imma dig it for ya ;)
    take it this way,


    God=Jesus Christ=Holy Spirit---->TRINITY

    its science ; jk...
    GBU ;)
    i hope u understand ;D
  • Many people make the mistake of it being 1+1+1, whereas it's really supposed to be 1x1x1.

  • i saw a movie one time, it's called "the recluctant saint" i got it from church, the saint was trying to explain to someone one about how God is 3 in 1 an 1 in 3 he said, look at it like a blanket, 3 folds one blaket, get it?
  • but there is more to it cause each has their own special how should i say this function? :-\
  • yea, but neither fold is greater than the other, they have their own characteristics and create 1, it think i'm confussing ppl ???
  • hey i dunno if anyone mentioned it, but i find HG Moussas example perfect:
    we all see the sun, we all know of the suns existence, now the sun is made up of three things
    1 the orb.... we know that this orb exists, but its not visible so that our eyes may not comprehend it,kinda like God
    2 from this orb, comes the light... that is the physical visible aspect of the orb... we see the light and we understand it and we use it as an everyday guidance to tell time and direction, etc etc... just like Jesus Christ
    3 due to the strength of the light, we feel the heat. even if we're blind, we can still feel this heat... this holy spirit that works through others. the light radiates this heat for us to feel so that we may look for the source adn find the light...

    hope that clarifies it for u
    sun= orb + light + heat ;D
  • One of the greatest mysteries of Christianity is in trying to explain the concept of the Trinity (a word that is not found in scripture). Though the word itself is not found, the concept of that God is one-revealed as Father/Son and Holy Spirit goes back to the earliest times in Christianity. St. Ignatius (117 A.D.), who was a discile of John spoke of the concept of trinity, with references to John 1:1, 14; 4:6; 5:18; 8:40; 11:33-35; 12:27; 20:28; 1 Jo. 1:1-3; 4:1-3; 2 Jo. 7). Polycarp (155 A.D.) prayed before his martyrdom: "I praise Thee, I bless Thee, I glorify Thee, through the eternal and heavenly High Priest, Jesus Christ, Thy beloved Son, through whom with Him and the Holy Spirit be glory both now and ever...." Justin Martyr (100-165 A.D.) shared that the Jews had misunderstand God. Exodus 3:2 shares that the ANGEL OF THE LORD appeared to Moses, and called His name: I AM WHO I AM...that He was the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. Interest that the ANGEL OF THE LORD would call Himself that. With that we cannot deny His divinity - "hear oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one, and we shall love the Lord our God with all our heart........"

    At best the Nicean Council tried to settle the doctrine of the Trinity, but realize the nature of the Godhead is a mystery that only God Himself can truly reveal. The Book of Deuteronomy tells us: "The things that are revealed belong to us--the things that are not revealed belong to God." The canonized scriptures do not clearly reveal to us the nature of the Godhead, but we do know that it is my faith that we approach God. As we approach Him in intimacy, in truth and humility He has a history of revealing Himself to those who seek Him.

    When pushed for an answer while teaching in the local prison, I used the analogy that "I am one" - Wife, mother and daughter. But even that cannot fully explain God.
  • hey i will give u an example ok... :) :)....its right out from "Characteristic of Orthodox Teaching" by H.G. Bishop Moussa...i luv this book it was for the philly competiton

    Visiualize a golden equilateral(that means all sides are triangle ABC:
    also since all the sides are the same, the angels are the same 2!!

    1. Angel A is not angle B or angel C, but angel A = angle B = angel C.
    2. All of A, B, C equal the whole triangle. We find that each angle embraces the whole triangle.

    Thus the Person of the FAther is not the Person of the SOn, nor of the Person of the SPirit. The Father is the Origin, the Son is born of HIm, and the Spirit emanates from Him. But:

    The father is God.
    The SOn is GOd.
    The Spirit is God.

    It is impossible for A to be separated from B or C. ALso it is impossible for the Three Persons to be separated from each other.

    The father creates the world with the SOn and in the Holy Spirit.
    The SOn redeems the world with the FAther and in the Holy Spirit.
    The Holy SPirit sanctifies the world according to the will of the FAther and through the work of the SOn.
    The FAther, the SOn, and the Holy SPirit are ONE God.

    i hope that helped....!!!!!
  • thanks everyone for all the help. i understand i think but why does Jesus Christ have to use the terms father, son, holy spirit. :( ???
  • [quote author=mickeyy231 link=board=4;threadid=657;start=15#msg12878 date=1097683995]
    thanks everyone for all the help. i understand i think but why does Jesus Christ have to use the terms father, son, holy spirit. :( ???

    God used these three terms because we have human minds, we can not function unless we deffrentiate things ( may be I am wrong ). I alos had the same question before, and a lot of people told me the same thing and I got it, but most importantly pray about it.

    God Bless your life
  • God consists of three persons (akanim) all of the same nature these Akanim are God , The Son our lord Christ, and the holy spirit, all share the divine nature and characteristics, e.g. they are all holy, they exist every where (unlimited), etc. and it is clear from the bible that God was always the 3 akanim as in the hebrew text, the word for god is always in the plural (Alohim) while the singular is (aloy) so God consist of three elemets.
    this can be explained by the example of the sun the light and the heat, all the same but with diffrent effects the light of the sun is still the sun and its heat is still the sun. God is one with 3 Akanim.
    hope this will help. God bless you all.
  • really easy example:

    1 GOD=1 SUN

    hope that helps
  • God is God he can be think of it this way one orange u cut it into three pieces..its still the one same orange..just cut into three pieces now say u put the orange together..its still the orange..idk if that helped much but thats the only way i can explain it :) ;D
  • it is like this it if it take three things to make one iteam it doesn't mean you have three iteams because you need all three things to make one whole
  • [quote author=kiro1010 link=board=4;threadid=657;start=15#msg20828 date=1108692740]
    it is like this it if it take three things to make one iteam it doesn't mean you have three iteams because you need all three things to make one whole

    theres only one thing to say..huh ??? ??? lol i'll have to re read that
  • Confusedsoul,

    ..ok think of it this way one orange u cut it into three pieces..its still the one same orange..just cut into three pieces now say u put the orange together..its still the orange..

    The Trinity is certainly not an easy concept to comprehend, however, we certainly have to be careful with the kind of analogies we use, making sure we are not oversimplifying things to the detriment of essential aspects of the doctrine, simply for the sake of intelligibility.

    The above analogy implies that God can be divided into three "parts." God is not a material being such that He can be divided into parts, nor do the 3 persons of God represent in someway "one third" of the Godhead. Each "person" is "100%" God in essence, simply different aspects of God's being.

    My personal advice to people who are encountered by non-Christians with regards to the Trinity, is to simply say "Its a mystery" if you are not certain of what to say. We shouldnt be ashamed of this, the infinite God transcends the finite comprehension of man, into the realm of mystery, no one can deny this. Our God cannot be put into a nice neatly labelled and packaged little box, nor can he be defined succintly using human language.

    This is the best and most appropriate approach to take if you are not really thoroughly acquianted with doctrine and the terminology relevant to it. If you start jumping the gun and making up your own analogies, you could indeed corner yourself, if the inquirer picks up a fundamental flaw in the analogy that you cannot explain.
  • i like to think of the trinity lyk this
    i am a brother a son and a friend
    im brother + A Son + A Friend = ME ;D
    Father + Son + Holy Spirit = trinity
    i like to think about it like that
  • Here is the analogy that brought it closer to me.ý
    A human being is Body, Mind (thought) and Emotions (feelings) (you can also say Body, ýsoul and spirit) both work.ý
    A dead body has no Thought and no emotions. You can't have emotions and thought ýwithout a body. They are three integral parts of who we are. You can NOT separate our ýemotions from our bodies or our thoughts. We can, however, project these aspects thru ýthe different methods of communication. For example, while my thought is not ýsomething tangible that you can touch and feel, however it manifests itself on a computer ýscreen for example. You can't say, for example, that I only exist thru my posts online. ýBecause that is not me, I am more than that, but it is not something that can be separated ýfrom me either. ý
    Same with God, The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Three integral parts that can ýNOT be separated. You can say that Jesus alone, by Him self is God, cuz you would be ýmissing the other aspects or attributes. ý

    On that topic, There was a picture from Egypt about a Palm tree that had three palm trees ýin it. We all know that Palm trees grow as one "branch" if you will till the top. this one ýtree had grown a few feet from the ground then split into three "branches" I will look for ýthe picture and post it. Its a good analogy to the topic.ý

    I hope this helped
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