Father Antonious Tanios

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Hey I really like his liturgy on the site does anyone know where he is from?


do you have any more recordings of him? (preferably liturgy of saint Gregory, but anything works)


  • heyy,

    abouna Antonious used to serve in Saint Mary East Brunswick NJ but now he serves in Manville nj
    his liturgies are amazing as you said and heres a link for the gregorian liturgy
    I am sure you will like it.

    God Bless
  • does he pray  tasbeha  with his voice ? so far only found liturgies  
  • Fr. Antonious usually is taking confessions at the time that the Tasbeha is being done.  He prefers to nurture to the sacramental needs of his parishioners.

    He is assisted by Fr. John Rizkalla.

    Both priests are responsible for service to the parishes of:

    St. Mary & St. Athanasius in Manville, NJ (Somerset County)
    St. Mark in Manhattan, NY

    Fr. Antonious, at this point, rarely joins in the tasbeha, but he is coaxed into it relative to a given situation. 

    As a deacon, he was by the name 'Mina', he assisted and served under the late Hegumenos:  Fr. Bishoy Demetrius of St. Mary in East Brunswick, NJ.
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