Interesting documentary



  • I just watched it. I guess it would be a neat documentary for a nonorthodox person to watch, but saint movies don't do it justice :)
    It's still very professionally produced, and that's rare with Coptic productions :p

  • This is very exciting! Thank you so much for sharing Father Peter! I'm going to amazon right now!
  • i just watched it yesterday and i have to say , THIS VIDEO IS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHMAAAAYYYYYYZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I actually had much benefit from this video and it was also interesting to me what people could see and find that i could not. Thanks Fr. Peter
  • Yea, the video is so professional. There is alot of amazing footage that I never thought I would see. A guy that goes to our church is related to Samia.
  • I have watched as well as all the members of my family and its spreading to members of my extended family..that's how lovely it is!

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