Sick Friend

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In the name of the Holy Trinity.

Hello everyone,

I have a friend who is sick in the hospital and hasn't been feeling well since May.
She is only about 13, and the doctors don't know what is wrong. She has been in and out of the hospital, and has recently been in the hospital for about two weeks.

My mom said tha we should visit her. My question is what shouldi tell her when i visit and what what shold i bring her? Anything spirtaul and benefical for her?

Please pray for us all sinners among whom i am first.

May God Bless you alll


  • May God heal her with the prayers of the Great Martyr Saint Mina the wonder maker. Amen.

  • After checkign up on her, spend most of your visit distracting her from her situation.  She probably spends a lot of time thinking about her condition as is, a break from taht would be nice. 
  • Amen!
    Also people visit her often and she often seems annoyed by vistors because she doesn't feel well. What should i do to help her know that God will always bw there for her?

    Thanks everyone
  • I think that you should give her a book that has miracles I also love reading them, it will have her hopes high. You can give her a key chain or bracelet or that has pictures of saints and Jesus. Or for the locket put a picture that you took together or a pic of you and a picture of her favorite saint or Jesus.

    May God help her and bless her.
  • Any book on the life of the late reverend Father Bishoy Kamel would be very encouraging. He was an extraordinary man who lived a life pleasing to His Lord, and it shows in his influence on others and the good scent that his life spread to the people who knew him..
    May his prayers be with us all... Amen.
  • if she's not up to reading, take a nice-smelling flower (if it's allowed) or a spiritual picture.
    stay half an hour max, and only stay more if she really begs you. when people feel ill, they usually only want visitors for half an hour.
    it's better to go and to not be a very good visitor than to be scared and not go.
    in james it says 'he who knows the good he should do and does not do it sins'.
  • all good advice.
    don't forget to pray for your friend.
    Prayers of the saints be with her, and I am sure God won't leave her :)
  • God be with her and her family.

    Just be there for her, even if she seems annoyed.. just show her love, be simple. Maybe listen to what she has to say (if she feels like talking) and don't come in looking all depressed, smile show her there is hope.

    This is what my mom appreciated when she was sick a couple years ago.

    God bless you for loving your friend.. stay hopeful.

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