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Ruth in Arabic???


  • What does the 3 mean?
  • the sound 'ayn' or '3ayn', which is also sometimes written as ' instead of 3.

    it is made by saying 'a' or 'e', whilst constricting the muscles at the back of the mouth.
    it sounds a little bit like the sound you make just before you vomit.
    i hope i don't upset too many people saying that, but that's how it sounds to me  ;)

    incidently we also have a sound called 'ghayn' which is made by saying 'a' or 'e' and constricting the muscles just a bit further down, at the top of the food pipe (esophagus). this sounds a bit like the way south germans say the letter 'r' (they don't pronounce it with a strong sound).
    also spanish people say the letter 'g' a bit like a soft 'ghayn'.

    so, if you constrict the wrong muscles, your sound comes out wrong!
  • hahah thats a nice way to describe it hahah, the sound u make b4 u vomit. hahaha
  • [quote author=Thanks be to God Always link=topic=8666.msg121060#msg121060 date=1287585093]
    What does the 3 mean?

    1 apple, 2 apples, 3 apples xD
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