paranormal activity

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i do not understand the part where they get pictures .. if you see Ghost lab .. it tells you in the beginning the advance is brought and is not manipulated or manufactured ... they show pictures and and ghosts ... i know we do not believe in paranormal activity but . it against our church . i watch those things just like a movie. but i was surprised to see that they found those as real advance so is that a lie ???????


  • Why are you watching anything like that at all?

    These are not appropriate programmes for Christians to watch.

    Father Peter
  • this is very true.
    maybe it's a fake, maybe it's a work of the devil, either way, it is dangerous and not useful, even just to laugh at it.
    this is something similar i wrote recently:

    are u looking for exitement in yr life?
    then follow God, give Him all your hopes and dreams, be willing to die for Him and to be unpopular for Him, submit to His leaders in the church and share yr faith, and exiting things will happen to u that will not only give u a full and wonderful life, but also eternal life with God.
  • this paranormal stuff is not healthy. it is damaging to your mind soul and spirit. your primary concern should not be that it is just 'against our church', but you must be careful not to expose your mind soul and spirit to such things.
    similarly, we do not avoid taking illegal drugs just because it is against the law (or the church) but because they are not good for us!  unfortunately the law does not ban these paranormal 'narcotics' but that does not mean it is healthy.
  • very good comparison  :)
  • How about when the censer falls over in church?  Is that paranormal or just negligent deacons?
  • i watch those stuff because they are like movies ... i know it fake . i just watch for action just like a horror movie
  • I don't believe that Orthodox Christians should ever watch such programs, or most 'horror films'.

    They are truly not healthy and damage our spiritual life when we watch them. What we allow through the windows of our mind - the eyes - will take root in our hearts a bring forth a harvest of sin and confusion in due course.

    Let us all guard our eyes.

    Father Peter
  • there is a good old saying: YOU BECOME THAT WHICH YOU BEHOLD!
    i think this is true whether we like it or not. if we behold the things of Christ we become like him. likewise, if we behold things of the devil we become like him.
  • the  whole paranormal activity isnt real you'd be amazed at how tech works these days. even if it was real then it was no doubt by the devil for the devil can take shape in any form even majestic angels it's the same thing with aliens if u watch carefully none of this stuff has ever happend to christians. any one know why??? ;)
  • I agree that it is not healthy to watch.. for many growing christians including myself.. but for the really mature it will not harm... right?
    instead it will be a benefit.. however I tremble for fear of those who trust in themselves always
  • what is this show btw?
  • I don't see how any of these films and programmes can be of any benefit to anyone who watches them.

    We must remember that when our Lord was tempted he immediately resisted and rebuked Satan. The more mature will not want to lose the grace they have been given, and the less mature should not wish to endanger any possibility of growth.

    We truly should not place ourselves in the way of temptation, nor should we consider that any of these unpleasant and deceiving programmes are of benefit to any of us. They would not even have been considered possible some time ago, and the very thought of such programmes would be a matter of shame. Now they are on prime time TV.

    Father Peter
  • I agree. I myself do not benefit enough.. and normally fear losing the growth I have been given and I need to make it stable and so close these things quickly.. it is tiring..
    however what recreational activities can I have? I suppose all things can be lawful but many seem to have danger in them.. what can I do in my spare time given that it is hard to choose..
    the mind does not grow unless given food I suppose.. seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.. the LORD Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man.. I believe God can give what is right in His own time..

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