In need of advice and prayers

I have the disease of loneliness that leads to depression and laziness.
How can I overcome?

keep me in your prayers please
-chief of sinners


  • Go to this website
    and click on the lonely or depressed links and there are many sermons for it!!
    The coping with lonliness one is very helpful.
    Try to make yourself busy with things & prayy =]
    Try to not to focus on your feelings but to focus on God
    God be with you
  • Welcome to the story of my life Joyful in Him!

    One quote: "When you are down with something, God is up to something."
    Loneliness teaches us many spiritual lessons that prepare you for unlonely situations and dealing with people that you meet in the future. Build yourself up in this situation, take time to learn about everything and be the strong, unshakeable person in Christ.

    It's an opportunity.

    Oh, by the way, you are never alone, Jesus is living inside you and around you, and you have your guardian angel of course, so its all good :)
  • I suffer with the same thing, any more suggestions??

    I have already listened to some of those sermons.

    please keep me in your prayers
  • Lioness, I am trying to do that but I am not getting very far because many thoughts are clouding my mind and I feel distracted from the true goal. Do you (or anybody) have any tips on how to build myself up and become a stronger person?
    -Of course I am not alone, just a struggle for me to feel His presence.. :-[

    abounasarecool- I also have heard that sermon many times and others as well but I still cant get over this one.. :'(

    Your prayers and guidance is appreciated.
    -chief of sinners
  • I read this and thought, "man, who doesn't suffer from this feeling at some point?" It's horrible but at the same time, a blessing. Abouna Anthony Messieh had referred to this in his own life and actually, it was the reason he became close to God and eventually became a priest (I'm not sure if that's the sermon being referred to above). He said that when you are left all by your lonesome, that is the opportunity to seek God and make Him your number ONE.

    When you find nobody around you, you can either drown in that and become depressed (as I sometimes do) or you can talk to God and ask Him to fill you.

    I am just truly beginning a deep relationship with God. During St. Mary's fast was the first time I prayed and really felt God's presence and felt that I was having a conversation with Him!!! It was so exciting and fulfilling! I had really never felt that way before! Before I prayed the Agpeya that day, I prayed that God give me a feeling of His presence because I wanted  to know what people were talking about when they say "you can have a relationship with God". I could never relate and I really want that.

    Evey year during the school year I become lonely and depressed because my friends all study abroad, this year I want to take the opportunity of being alone to become passionate about God and to really build myself up in Him. I want to know Him, I want Him to fill me so that the lonliness will be turned to a deep love for my Father and so that confidence in Him will attract people to Him through me..meaning I will help myself, others and maybe, make some new friends :D lol.

    I would suggest taking all that loneliness and pouring it all out to God..He is waiting for you to talk to Him and He's waiting for you to give Him the chance to be your number ONE.

    You're not alone in your struggle, let's work on getting to where we want to be :)

    God bless you and keep you.

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