Can some please ban this Flytosky??????

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Someone please ban this flytosky before I really lose it. I do not have a high tolerance for stupidity, if he keeps this up I am going to give him a piece of my mind and it wont be pretty.


  • Yes please!!!!
  • is that the person who was advertising about shoes?
  • I believe he/it is a bot, not a person
  • Flytosky and all these other "users" posting tons of topics with links are bots. Even if some of their posts seem normal, if they have a link in their signature area they're usually a bot. Just click notify moderator on each of their posts so they can more easily delete the topics or even the user if they can. This forum has been targeted a lot recently b/c we have free registration here. No codes or anything to input so thus bots that scour the net find this site and just make themselves an account to post their garbage.
  • i have the guys email, and i made an email bot that sends 1000's of emails in one hour.Guess what i am going to do . LOL, jk but if he posts one more thing that's non sense i will.
  • Geo,

    Your computer knowledge is scary.  I can barely keep my Blackberry ticking.
  • lol, you're too kind. ;D
  • The account has been banned and removed from the site..
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