LOST GOSPEL OF ST.THOMAS found in Nag Hamadi



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  • [quote author=LordHaveMercy link=board=1;threadid=619;start=30#msg11065 date=1094706775]
    Just to answer the angel question, don't forget that Satan used to be an angel. Angels have free will too, so if they choose to want to be equal to God, like Satan did, then they can choose to fall into that sin, just like we have free will too. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    true, i read in a book from anba mousa that God, after he created the angels, allowed them a time to test them. THe ones that didnt fall remained sinless forever and the devil who fell took a lot of angels with him. The difference between us and the angels however is that they cant repent...can't remember why though :)
  • so despite the fact that they're angels with christ they still have the same free will we do? ???

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • in reply to hos irof... the reason for an angel's inability to repent comes from their own pride in the fact that they know soooo much more than us and were given more knowledge and power and so on and for that they are judged on a stricter level... and with that comes the fact that they refuse to succede victory to God since that would just mean that they'd admit their own fault..
  • I'm a bit lost ???.... the angels dont repent because they know more than us and they dont admit their faults? Wow, i'm more lost than i thought, could u sorta elaborate or clear this up for me, I'd really appreciate it, thanx! ;)

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • angels' once had free will but they no longer have free will... wen the the first angle disobeyed God he was made into the devil and who ever wouldnt give up their freewill to God Freely was also made into a devil... all the angels who gave up their free will to God with their own free wil stayed as angels...,, does that make sense?
  • :D yeah,in fact it made a lot of sense, thank u so much ;) I get it now...excuse my slowness guys


    Read a book called :The gnostic Empire Strikes back"

    The teachings of Christ In it serve HOMOSEXUALITY and WOMENS LIB (Matriarchal Soceity)

    This was never lost . This is a fake gospel invented by the Gnostics.

    Its teachings are reflected in JC Superstar and the Davinci Code
  • So regarding Davici Code:
    - A propaganda and money maker game. Also it contains a lot of fake fictions.

    For Nagh Hamadi books: I's know since the beginnig of the church the existance of aprocryphal bibles. Menthioned many times and condamned by Ireneios of Lyon. I think what they found at Nagh Hamadi nothing more than aprocryphal bible. Also the gnostic followers cannot authenticate any gnostic work like st-thomas bible. They count on nagh hamadi discovery as an evidance in itself without authenticate the work itself. And we know that we cannot authenticate a work by just it's age only.

    Try to read USNEWS special edition (July 2005) about the secrets of davinci code. (i have it in pdf format if you need it 6.8 MB)

    But i like to hear an officiel reply from the coptic church regarding nagh hamadi books.

    good luck

  • [quote author=AMIGO1944 link=board=1;threadid=619;start=45#msg29846 date=1120123072]
    The teachings of Christ In it serve HOMOSEXUALITY and WOMENS LIB (Matriarchal Soceity)

    No, that's not quite accurate. The feminist and pro-homosexuality gnosticism never existed. This is simply an apostrophe which our fat, rich, lazy, have-nothing-better-to-do yuppies simply invented. As a matter of fact, gnosticism was extremely sexist and chauvinistic. It was also very anti-sex.....of ANY kind. They looked at sex as a sin.

    If you want to look for women's lib, try reading the real gospels (i.e. Jesus witht the Samaritan woman, etc.).
  • hey i havent read all 4 pages, but i also heard of the gospel of st. thomas.. they said it in the movie Stigmata, which was recently shown on tv... they actually wrote on the screen that it is the actual words of Jesus, that Jesus wrote it... and it was found in Nag Hamadi.. but i think this is all heretic, also because i heard it was written through gnosis, and we definitely dont beleive in gnosticism.
  • Hello,

    Has anyone heard of or read and have comments about the book entitled
    "A Case For Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus by Lee Strobel."?

    The book does discuss the lost book of St. Thomas.

    thanks alot!

    Take care


  • Well, the union of all the hundreds of "gospels" is the null set. In other words, if you were to look for any one thing that is a common theme or doctrine in every single "gospel" that floated around in the first few centuries, you wouldn't find any. They all contradict each other. So which gospel you "choose" to be the bearer of "truth" inevitably becomes quite a personal and arbitrary affair. So these neo-gnostics are just as arbitrary as Protestants in their "choosing" of gospels. On what basis do Protestants accept Sts. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John if not on the basis of the Church canonizing them for them? And if so, then why do they (inconsistently) turn around and reject the magisterial authority of the Church?

    Same with these neo-gnostics: on what basis do they choose the "Gospel" of Thomas over any other gospel (other than a priori religious motivations)? They're being arbitrary.
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