Who's ur Hectic 5??



  • hey we have heaps of new ppl y dont u guys tell us ur hectic 5?
    ur 5 favourite saints, monks, fathers...etc
  • That reminds me i never said my hectic 5 :)

    ST Philopateer Mercurius
    Pope Kirillos
    Archangel Michael
    Abouna 3abd el Massee7 el Manahree
    St Mina
  • awsome thanx mate, any more newbies wanna tell u who there hectic 5 are...
  • My five favorite saints are:

    Saint Marina (of Antioch I believe)
    Saint Mary the Mother of God
    Saint George
    Saint Mina
    Saint Abanoub

    Did you know that Saint Abanoub was martyred at the age of 12? He must've been so faithful.

    God Bless Everybody,
  • St. Mary
    Archangel Michail
    Archangel Raphael
    St. Stephen
    St. Mark
    Mari Gerges
    Mari Mina
    St. Antony
    St. Bishoy
    St. Marina
    St. Rebecca and her five children
    Abouna Abdel-Messieh el Manahri
    Abouna Ibrahim the simple
    Pope Kirollos
    Abouna Mikhail Ibrahim
  • i love bish moses, he made me Aghanastous
  • 1.*********************St. Mary!********************
    2.St. George
    3.St. Bishoy
    4.St. Marina
    5.St. Youstina

  • omg!!! i thought i was the onyl one who actually knoew and liked saint youstina!!!! ur soo awesome!!! lol
  • lol
    what no 1 else likes her??
    why i love her story and the movie is really nice too
    First she wasnt even Christian ..her family worshipped idols...but God touched her heart and she believed in Him and ...not ony so but her whole family changed and believed in Jesus...and her faith in Christ became so great...that even the devils were afraid when...just her name was mentioned...
    and she let the greatest magician at that time, Kebryanos..who used the devils powers and help to do magic....., to repent, and believe in Jesus, she is great!......
    yala u know the story :)
  • lol..yupp and im named after her!! lol... yes i get mucho excited wen someone actually knows who she isss ;D
  • lol....who on here doesnt know st youstina..come on people!
    lovely name Youstina :)
  • thanks!!! ... and people r actualyl getting used to pronouncing it rite..ive goten every pronunciation on the face of the earth!
  • ..i have this girl that i teach in my sunday school class her name is Youstina too but she spells it kind of wierd.."Ustina" so every1 pronounces it wrong ;D
  • lol... no mines spelled pretty self-explanatory but ppl screw it up anyway.. i mean how difficult is YOUSTINA?!?!?! its just you and stina put together..youstina!
  • We're egyptians...think egyptians....lol

  • hahahaha, u have to c the diff ways people spell sylvia. ::)..hahaha its so sad, silivia, ppl call me saliva, wut is this? lolx, o well i love that name, youstina...the saint is the best too... ;)

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • ooyyy, i 4got my top 5 saints...


    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • this is hard to pic a 'hectic' 5 coz now ive known many saints uno coz of the synexsarium...
  • hello,
    i can share my fav. saints but....i got reasons ;)

    1.)[glow=red,2,300] Saint Augustine[/glow]------he has the most bestest ever sayings and they really make good sense if u understand them...

    2.) [glow=red,2,300]Saint. Sarah the ascetic[/glow]-------i really like her story and the sayings she says, my fav. saying from her... "'it is i who is a man and u who are women'" (to some brothers)

    3.) [glow=red,2,300]Saint Philopateer Mercurios[/glow]----he has done sooooooooooooo many miracles, and my aunty is a nun in his monastery (old cairo)...((He also performed a miracle to my dad....no i cant tell u over the net!))

    4.) [glow=red,2,300]Saint Mohrail [/glow] ;)-----i saw her movie and it was sooooo cooooooooollll....i like her coz she was young and she was soooo happy to die for being a christian...Martyr, so a young, happy, blessed, strong girl, she was!

    5.) [glow=red,2,300]Saint Mark[/glow]-----The name of my church whcich i was bought up in and baptised n all.....coz i like him soooo much, i have researched him a thousand times :P and i know everything about this saint.....nearly everything....

    6.) [glow=red,2,300]ALL THE SAINTS!!![/glow]---------they are the bestest ever christians who ever lived.....i read the synexarium often and u CANNOT compare the saints together (like George does...'hectic 5' ?!?!?!?!??)
    so wat i have done, above by numbering them ISNT my best 5, they just sum favourites.....my favourites can change all the tym :P

    anywaiz, bye for now....
    i know this thread is old but heyyyy

    GBU ;)
  • [quote author=ArIpSaLiN link=board=1;threadid=294;start=105#msg11414 date=1094970411]
    im sorry aripsalin, but i have to say, thats my word.
  • well, me and my skool acquaintanance ((have u herd that word b4??)) aniwaiz, we made up a new language...
    eg. u add ness like 5 times to a word such as cool
    = coolnessnessnessness
    so we do the same with bestest...= bestestestestestest

    got it?
    me n mai acquaintananceanceanceance ;)


    GBU ;)
  • lol ;) ;)
    but its still my word ;D
    i have ppl on this site that can prove it :P :) ;) :D
  • uh hahahahahahhahaa NO :P

    knock ya self out :P
    lets c wat ya got?!! :P
    BrInG It On!
    goodbye ;D
  • i guess mine change a bit every once in a while but heres what i got now... no particular order...

    st Mary
    st George
    st Moses the black
    st John the short
    David the prophet
  • shaq, welcome to this site ;) ;D :P
    GBU ;)
  • yeh r u tall shaq??
    or do u just want us to think that
  • side note... i question the relevance of asking shaq's height..
  • i think it was talkin about Shaq, like the basketball player (LA lakers)
    howeva his not that tall anyway, just bulky!!
  • sorry...i left out pope Kyrillos the sixth...hes like my top 2 :) im not tall by da way lol thank you MaryS :)
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