I'm so concieted! How bad is too much?

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  • You have nothing to beconceited about. These are God's GIFTS to you.. you should be thankful.

    Keep trying to use your gifts for His service. :)

    + God Bless
    Plz pray for me
  • Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has something that they pride themselves on.  The fact that your conceited doesn't make you a bad person, for you at least recognize the gifts you have [unlike others who love to complain about what they don't have.]  However, conceit/pride is the devils favorite tool, for by this very sin, he fell. 

    Off the top of my head, I recall Christ's willingness to accept being spit on, slapped, and mocked, as the ultimate sign of humility.  So if Christ Himself was humble, what gives anyone the right to be the opposite?  I'm sure someone more well-read than I can point you to the numerous sayings of our holy father's regarding this subject. 

    Aside from religion, a conceited person, is one who sets himself up high, and as the saying goes 'the higher you are, the farther you fall.' If you follow the World Cup, you'd notice that the higher ranked teams, have for the most part either lost or tied with lower ranking ones  i.e. England vs. Algeria, Germany vs Serbia, Italy vs New Zealand.  It wasn't because the lower ranked teams were better, but because they worked and put more effort into the game, whereas the higher ranked teams dilly-dallyed, exerting almost no effort because they under-estimated their opponents.

    From my experiences, the way I try to avoid conceit, is by catching myself in the thought, and then immediately recalling a truly humiliating moment. 

    Good luck with that. 
  • I definitely agree with the above posts !!
    I also wanted to add that there is a difference between being concieted and being arrogant, in my eyes anyways.  To me, concieted could mean taht you see the good traits that God has given you, but you also see the good traits God has given others...but as soon as you cross the very fine line and become arrogant...that's a different story; when you feel as if you are high above all others and have some sort of right to look down on them, that's when there's a problem....
  • It's funny you should bring this up, you should be very happy with the gifts God gave you, and clearly he gave you a lot lol. The only thing I would say that you should worry about is your reaction towards others, sometimes when people know they look really good they tend to treat others around them as if they are not equal to them. But always remember, the King of Kings, the infinite, all mighty, perfect, merciful, loving creator that is our Lord Jesus Christ knows he is all the above, yet he humbled himself even before his father when he was incarnated in the flesh. He chose to be born in a manger with animals, he chose to sit with the sinners, he chose to speak with the samaritan women, and most importantly, he chose to give his life not only for those who loved him but to those who hated him. Though he was completely perfect, he never "showed off", rather he performed miracles for the sake of our salvation, that we may believe. He was spit on, beaten, mocked, tortured, and killed...this is a God who needs nothing from us, not our worship, not our prayers, he just simply loves us. Be like Christ, use what God has given you to help others not yourself. If you can sing, learn as many hymns as you can, if you are very social help as many people as you can, if you are educated help others come to Christ, If you are good looking show everyone that you can resist lustful temptation through the power of Christ.
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