consecration of a new church

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Hi all,
Can someone please direct me to the rites of the consecration of a new altar and 'baptism well'<<I don't know what to call it in English. Any language is fine, I just want to know the order of the hymns/Taks.




  • I actually already have this presentation as well as the baptism one, but thank you for the post. I was hoping to find recordings-if not, maybe you can answer these questions for me:
    1. We are going to consecrate the baptism as well as the altar on the same day:
      A. Which should be done first-baptism, or altar?
      B. Are there any special rites to doing both on the same day?
    2. How are the psalms for the Altar consecration prayed-are they just read out loud, do they follow a certain tune, etc.?
    3. The altar service calls for the deacons 'circling the church with cymbals' after the altar is consecrated (right before the Thanksgiving Prayer), what do we sing during this procession?
    4. Some of the psalms that are said to be prayed during the Baptism consecration are to be repeated for the altar consecration (the litanies are also repeated)-are any of these items skipped the second time?
    5. During the consecration of the altar vessels, there is a response that is said for each consecration-"One is the Holy Father, One is the Holy Son...etc."-what is the tune of this response?

    Also,the BaptismFontConsecration presentation that I downloaded from the St. George and St. Shenouda COC website is only showing arabic on the right side-is that just me, or is the presentation meant to display that way?


  • I dont know about two on the same day, i assume they are two diffrent services that dont affect eachother,  but thats just a guess.

    see if this helps.
  • OH thanks a ton that does help.

    That just leaves the eve of the consecration. My church priest told me that there is supposed to be a vigil/service The whole night of the consecration; but we're not sure of the order of this service. Do you know if this was recorded or done for this church consecration?

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