East and Orient seperate forever?

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I just had a very interesting talk with a Greek Orthodox Monk. I asked him about the monastery that is close by and he was very friendly. But when I mentioned that I was of the Coptic Orthodox faith his demeanor changed drastically. He took up an almost combative posture. I said that I believe that we are really of the same faith. He adamantly, almost viciously, denied that we had any connection at all. He was stubborn, arrogant and hard headed, and suprisingly, woefully ignorant of the whole issue but still insistant that there could be no comparison. He even had the uninformed idea that the issue was about the difference of opinion on the Holy Spirit. I pray that he was not a true representative of the Eastern Orthodox position. If one wishes to hold that idea, one should at least be informed on the history. He knew nothing of Dioscoros or Euthyches or even that it was Monophysitism that was the central issue. Can we ever overcome this kind of ignorance? Why does it have to boil down to an issue of pride in ones own church? Isn't pride a sin? Shouldn't we love our neighbor?


  • Hi Larry,

    Unfortunatly, the point of contention is considered in their mind to be a primary dogmatic pilliar like Christ's divinity so to some of them who don't believe in the recent reconcilliation efforts we would appear to be the equivelant of Jehovas Witnesses.

    Not all of Eastern Orthodoxy is like that but their church is badly split. Its a very touchy subject for them because they see their EP as going against the conventions of their church so it'll take time for things to improve.

    God bless,

  • [glow=red,2,300]In the Name of the Father + and the Son + and the Holy Spirit+. Amen.[/glow]

    I am Chalcedonian Orthodox and truly apologize for the poor monk's ignorance. He is in representative of all of Eastern Orthodoxy as ahooyah Copticsoldier so rightly said (TY). Many like this monk mean well but thier misappllied zeal can at times wound others causing other brethren deep pain and sorrow:(. Many Eastern orthodox, like myself, see the Copts as our brethren and pray fervently to become one UNITED family once again :).

    Bothe Orthodox families are very close to reunification and it may happen during our lifetime (inshallah). I personally love many of the Coptic saints and have icons of them in my Icon corner at home. I have encountered Copts who have said i am not truly Orthodox since i am Chalcedonian and this made me very sad at times. But I forgive them and love them just the same, praying for their further enlightenment on the matter.

    Lets continue sharing as brethren in the Love of Christ and give no room for the devil.

  • wat exactly was the difference between chalcidonian churches and our coptic church??? i cant remember :-[
  • in short..
    it was the heresy of eutycheus which questioned that belief of the duel natures of Christ existing simultaneously (Humanity and Divinity).. we were counted with those that believed in just one nature (mono-physites) as a result of a whole lot of lying on the part of eutycheus.. there's a lot more history and theology to it.. but that's the basic idea.
  • yup, now i remember, thnx mary :)
  • doesnt orient mean chinese??
  • oriental actually just means non-chalcedonian when it comes to theological verbatim..

  • Orient is just the name of a region (the East) and people there were called Orientals. This also gives people the stereotype that the Chinese are Orientals when in fact its not nice to call people Orientals. Only persian and other types of rugs and objects can be called Oriental. But But the Name Oriental Orhtodox stuck since Mono[physite is an insult since Copts are not that. We Greek Orthodox are called eastern Orthodox and Copts and syrians and Indians and others are caled Oriental orthodox who are "Non- Chalcedonaian".
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